Scavenger Hunt

William Foss 6


I chose the stapler because it can move up and down, also the farthest it can bend is about 180°. I chose the hole puncher because it has hinges which let it bend to a certain extent. I also chose the door hinge because it is a basic example of a hinge.


I chose the scissors because the blades glide across each other. I chose the printer tray because it glides out of the printer. I chose the drawer because in order to extend it glides out of the desk.


I chose the clock because the hands can rotate 360°. I chose the weel because it can rotate 360° as well. I also chose the gas valve because it can only rotate on one plane.

Ball & Socket

I chose the joystick because it can move both outwards and it can rotate, like a ball & socket. I chose the sink handle because it can rotate and bend, like a ball & socket. I chose the fan because it can bend any direction that's pointing forward.