Canada in 2060

How will Canada change?


In the next 50 years, Canada will experience a drastic change, economically and demographically.

The Future

Canada has the highest population growth among the G8 countries. If the population growth slows down, we could be expecting a minimum population of 40 milion in the next 50 years from 35.2 million in 2013. If Canada keeps a medium-high population growth, we could be expecting anywhere between 51.5-63 million people.


New immigrants come to Canada everyday. 97% of Canada's population is made up of immigrants, highest among the G8 countries, most coming from Asia (including Middle East). Every year since 2001, Canada has been getting anywhere between 220,000-265,000 new immigrants. In 2005, the percentage of immigrants in Canada was 79.3%, and it's now at 97%, these numbers expected to increase.

First Nations

First Nations are underestimated, underrated people. There aren't many of them but they are the youngest people in Canada. In the future this could be very helpful. We are in need of skillful workers, and if we gave First Nations that education, they could fill those jobs.

Need for immigrants

Again, Canada needs skilled workers and immigrants are the right people for that. With highly developed countries like Japan, Germany, USA, and more, Canada faces competition for those immigrants. If this keeps going, Canada will be in danger.