Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics

Description of Mendel

Gregor Mendle is a scientist that has gone through many challenges and has discovered the genetics of the dominant, recessive, and co-dominant traits.

Early Years

Gregor Mendel has gone through many successes and many struggles. Some of his successes are that he was born as a gifted child. He earned top ranks in science and mathematics. On the other hand, he had some struggles. Mendel Had a tough time in the University, because they spoke a different language than he did at home. Also, he had failed an exam five times before passing it.

Experimental Design of Heredity

Mendel was experimenting with pea plants to find out about dominant, recessive, and co-dominant traits. Mendel developed a theory that it would take too long to use trees so he started using pea plants. He found out after many tests that there are three times as many of round, green, and long than angular, yellow and short pea plants.

Data That Was Collected

Gregor Mendel has crossed pea plants that produced yellow and green peas. In his results he got all yellow peas. Out of the 8,023 plants, 2,001 of them were green, and 6,022 were yellow. This means that the yellow pea plants were the more dominant plants so they will be the ones that will show up.

Others Reactions To Mendels Work

When Gregor Mendel first showed other scientists what he was working on they didn't care and didn't really want to understand why he was working on it. They thought that I didn't matter. Later when Mendel had more work they started to take interest in it and started to build off of it.


Mendel has created a pretty stable foundation for the field of genetics. He has answered so many questions on how when you take two different things and you mix them they create one of the other.


Dominant: It is the trait that overpowers the others to show out.
  • If one of your parents has blue eyes and the other has brown eyes, the child will have brown eyes because brown is the most dominant trait to pass on.

Recessive: It is the trait that is hidden behind the dominant traits.

  • When the yellow and green pea plants came together the green was hidden behind the yellow plant. It was still there but didn't show up.

Co-dominant: It is the traits that combine to show both of them.

  • When a black chicken and a white chicken come together it forms a chicken with white and black feathers.