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New Dimension to Digital Text

Subtext makes it easy for classes to explore a text together - book, website, epub, pdf- and for students to close the loop from reading to analysis to writing. Unique features give teachers the tools they need to tailor the learning experience to each student—and maximize results for every class.

Teacher and Student Subtext Accounts

On the iPad, teachers open the Subtext app then log in with their School Google or Seminole Edmodo login credentials. Once logged in, go to settings in the lower left portion of the screen and make sure that you have connected both your Google and Edmodo accounts to Subtext. This is important because you may want to upload things from your Google Drive as well as respond through Edmodo to your classes.
Students will open the Subtext app on the iPad and use their Edmodo login. This should be their school username and password. They will select "student."

Edmodo Setup

Log in to your Edmodo account. Click on the store icon. Type "Subtext" in the search box and select.
Once you have Subtext, select the classes that you would like to use with the Subtext app.

Using the Subtext Web Bookmarklet

Using Subtext with Webpages

There are two ways to save web pages to Subtext.
1. Use your computer's browser window to add a web page to Subtext using their bookmarklet. Click here to add subtext to your bookmark bar.

2. Save a web page for use in Subtext through the in-app web browser on the ipad.