Lance Armstrong

And his life as a cyclist

Who is Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was a professional athlete who started his career at the age of 16 and won 7 Tour De France and a handful of wins, medals and trophies. He came down with testicular cancer but he survived and he fought back
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Lance's biography

I was born in Plano Texas on 9/18/1971. My mom, Linda Armstrong was 17 when I was a baby and my dad (Eddie Gunderson) left when I was a baby. The government took me away because my mother was too young to take care of me. I was sent to my step dad to live with him. In 16 years, I participated as a sponsored athlete at triathlons, which made me a professional athlete at the age of 16. After deciding to focus on cycling, I qualified to train with the U.S. Olympic developmental team in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Then two years after my choice of saying I’ll focus on cycling, Lance became a National Amateur champion. Despite the name making it sound bland, I felt proud.

In the Barcelona Olympics, I finished 14th while my future partner, Fabio Casartelli, wins. When I sign with a professional cycling team, I finished last in my first professional race. It’s like an obscurity comparing that day to where I was a few years later. The next year after that, I won ten titles including the U.S. Pro Championship, and stage 8 in the Tour de France, and at 22 was the youngest road racing world champion ever. I felt like i had immortality.

Moving on years right after my fifth victory on Tour de France and when my twin daughters was born, I was accused doping with drugs that enhances my performance. I was fazed when the authors of the book wrote that information. Later after the incident, I won my 6th and 7th tour de France until I retired. Later in 2013, I was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey then I finally admitted that I doped for tour de France and I bullied my members so they would keep shut about it. I was demoted until I was banned from cycling forever. But he told us that we should be confident without any doubt.

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Fabio Casartelli

Fabio was an Italian cyclist and an Olympic gold medalist who died in a crash on the descent of the Col de Portet d'Aspet, France, during the 15th stage of the 1995 Tour de France. He was born in Como, Italy.
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7 victories

This is Lance showing how many victories he earned throughout his days competing in Tour De France