I play baseball

I play for the Bensalem Ramblers. I am a second baseman but i also play every where else but catcher. I am really good at it and i hope to get better and someday make it to the MLB.

My favorite hobby is to play sports

I really love sports. I like to play with my friends outside on sunny days. I have lots of fun and I play some for teams.

My favorite food is pasta

I really like pasta! I go crazy every time I have pasta. My family thinks I'm nuts when they see me do my pasta dance.

My favorite subject is math

I am good at math. I am in advanced classes in math and I think that it is fun. I can't wait to get into the book and have more fun with it.

My favorite animal is a dog

I have one dog and it is adorable and cute. It's a tiny little Yorkie and I love it with all my heart. I just think dog are awesome and that they are the best animals ever.