Guides to the Internet

What's Netiquette?

Netiquette is rules for the Internet. We use them so we don’t ruin our reputation or someone else’s. Netiquette is like a guide that keeps you staying safe online. They are easy to follow and will lead you to a good future. It keeps us safe and happy.

Here are some tips about Netiquette:

  • Do not use sarcasm- If you send a message to someone thinking it is funny they might get the wrong idea.
  • Do not post inappropriate pictures of yourself or someone else- This will only lead to embarrassment for whoever the picture was of. You will end up regretting it.
  • Do not use bad language- People don't want to read stuff like that, you can easily express how you feel without bad words.
  • Do not believe everything online- You don't want to end up spreading bad information.
  • Do not give out personal information- If you do people can figure out where you live, go to school, phone number etc. They can even steal you identity.
  • Do not share gossip with other people- Eventually everyone will know. You could be making someone feel really bad.