President Andrew Jackson

Is he a Hero or a zero? He's a zero for sure!

Trail of Tears

The trail of tears is when the US government pushed thousands of Native Americans of their land in Georgia. The government was able to do this because the Indian removal act which allowed the government to to relocate them west of the Mississippi. Jackson and the government wanted this land because they had fertile soil good for planting and growing cotton and also they found gold there. The Native Americans did not want to relocate because it would be violating their rights. To get to the Mississippi they had to walk very far in harsh conditions. During this trip, thousands of Native Americans died. Retrieved @

Jackson Abused the Power of Vetoing

President Jackson used the power of vetoing on almost every bill so it wouldn't become a law. Many people disliked or didn't agree with this. Also they felt that he was abusing the power of vetoing by using it so much, but Andrew Jackson didn't care! In the cartoon he was seen as a king because he had too much power. He also didn't feel like he needed to follow the US Constitution so he just didn't follow it. Retrieved @

Not the Usual "Common Man"

After Jackson was out of office he lived in a mansion also known as "The Hermitage" in Nashville, Tennessee. Even though he called himself "The Common Man" he wasn't so much one. Why you ask? Whenever he died he had 150 slaves working for him.

Kill the National Bank!

This Political cartoon shows whenever President Jackson killed the National bank. He didn't like the National bank because he felt it only ruled the wealthy and not "The Common man" that he said that he was. Jackson also felt that the National Bank was unconstitutional. The "Common man" was happy about this, but probably not so much the wealthy class. Retrieved @

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