2D Animation

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The first 2d animation "Fantasmagorie" made Emile Cohl. It was invented in the early 1930's and its was a short cartoon aired on television. People often give credit to Walt Disney for creating 2d animation, but he was far from creating animation.

How Anime changed the world

Anime changed the world in the fact that it allowed Americans to adapt to Japanese, Korean, and Asian. It Also allowed Japanese, Korean, and Asian people adapt to the American culture. Anime (Japanese) has became a popular hobby or past-time in America that has clearly taken over my life. Anime (American) hasn't really been noticed in other countries mainly because it's garbage. Anime is now one of the most expensive hobbies out there as a figure, poster, sweatshirt, or any clothing costs from 60-600$.

What Animation is used for today

This is a pretty evident topic, but it's on the rubric so I have to talk about it. Animation is used today to entertain a broad spectrum of people, to put color to a manga, and to earn money. It's used to publicly display something for another's enjoyment.

What I would change in Anime

I would change the fact that most anime's are getting shorter in series length about 30 per series. Why, because so many companies are tying to do this and it only leads to bad character development and a bad ending. It leaves out so much content from the manga (Books). The ending of an anime should be so strong that you're crying or sad for a while. Look at Your Lie In April great show manga is so much better, bad character development, and the ending was good left me feeling uneasy but not sad. It didn't have enough or give us enough time to grow to love certain characters so that when things that were supposed to be sad were actually sad. Instead the stuff that was sad was not that strong when it comes to the feels. I would also change the censorship of things in the anime. Most anime isn't on T.V but on sites like Crunchy Roll, Funimation, or Kissannime. That means that it should be able to be seen, because if you can see rape and murder on T.V how come i can't even see someone get stabbed? They air all this uncensored in Japan, and I pay 11.99$ a month t watch anime and I can't see it. I would also change the fact that SAO (Sword Art Online) is actually a thing it's garbage.
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