Warrior Update

Warrior Logistics' Newsletter October 2015

President's Message

I am proud to welcome you to Warrior Logistics and this first edition of the Warrior Update! This newsletter will be one of many tools such as email, messages on the Omnitracs device, etc., for communicating important information with our team. With this being the first edition, I am excited to share with you below our vision and mission to Drive Excellence in All that We Do™.

Our Mission, Your Company

Our Vision is Driving Excellence in All that We Do!

At Warrior, We Believe:

People: Our People are our greatest assets. We hire the best people and create a superior environment for them to thrive.

Safety: An intense focus on Safety is paramount. We provide rigorous safety training, invest in advanced technologies, and continuously reinforce standards.

Customer: Our Customer is at the heart of our dedication to world-class service delivery. We are customer-centric in all that we do, and we prioritize our customer's needs above our own.

Operational: Reliability, Quality and Efficiency are key components of superior service. We strive for continuous improvement of our processes and equipment.

Financial: Long-term sustainable growth comes from being a financially-healthy and fiscally-responsible company. We take pride in a strong balance sheet, healthy risk management, timely debt-service, and healthy cash flow from operations. We will always aim to manage growth responsibly, provide transparency to our stakeholders, and incorporate appropriate checks and balances.

Culture: Integrity is the core value of our organization - there is no compromise. The Golden Rule is the behavioral norm. We hold ourselves to the highest degree of professionalism, respect, and integrity. Period.

We Believe Warriors are called. We believe that all individuals are called to a higher purpose, and strive to create an environment that empowers each "warrior" to achieve his/her full potential.

Safety First!

Core to Warrior’s mission is Safety. With that in mind, this month we are focusing on Proper connections and hook-ups, including ensuring the following:

- Chains properly connected and crossed, even while in the yard;

- Air properly applied to all trailers;

- The fifth wheel jaws locked around the kingpin;

- The coupling integrity should be verified;

- After coupling integrity is verified, the fifth wheel should still be locked and the jaws closed around the trailer kingpin;

- The release arm should be in the closed position.

Special attention should be given to the chains and air, as two Warrior crews have received warnings from FedEx recently around these. Due to a recent increase in Improper Connection violations, FedEx is also strongly urging drivers to renew their focus on this critical subject. To reinforce this focus, FedEx has stated that after a single incident occurs, any second incident will result in a driver being classified as ineligible to drive for FedEx. For Warrior, losing a team member due to this type of thing would be a very unfortunate result. So please take your time when connecting dollies and trailers, and always do a thorough and proper pre-trip inspection. Thanks!

Peak Season Coming Soon!

Peak Season will soon be in effect from 11/2 through 1/17, and with it the pace will obviously pick up significantly. Warrior and all contractors will be called up on to increase our pace and availability. While this represents a great opportunity for more miles, we need to maintain our steady commitment to operating Safely at all times.

Recognition Round-Up

Welcome to the following new Warrior Team members:

- Ben Blakely (OTR – Team)

- John McCullough (OTR – Team)

- Richard Mobley (OTR - Team)

- Lawrence Rice (OTR - Team)

Congratulations to the following team members who hit the Warrior "6500-mile club" threshold during the most recent quarter:

- Jason Reedy / Travis Walsh (7/19/15)

- Jason Reedy / Travis Walsh (9/20/15)

- Jason Reedy / Travis Walsh (10/4/15)

Best wishes to the following team members who have birthdays in the upcoming quarter:

- Travis Walsh – 10/5

- Jason Cathey – 10/30

- Aleksey Stavrov – 11/1

- Ronda Webb – 11/4

- Chad Moats – 11/13

- Leonard Nelson – 11/24

- Ben Blakely – 12/30

News You Can Use


Flu season is upon us. When you get your flu shot, Warrior will reimburse you and your family. Just put your receipt in the white weekly receipt envelope in the truck and write it down on the front, and you will be reimbursed.

Coming Soon!

  • Capital Investment Program: Major investments in new equipment and new Safety technologies.

  • Warrior Safety Program: we are currently evaluating a range of more comprehensive Safety Initiatives.

Warrior Contacts

  • Gary Martin, Operations Manager, 214-449-9864
  • Brandi Clark, Payroll and Accounting Manager, 509-393-4039
  • Scott McFarlane, President and CEO, Owner, 214-704-9512