containment of communism

bye; Cora Awanjo

what is communism?

What is communism? Communism is a government system in which there is no

social class, and everyone is equal.The idea of communism descended from Karl

Max. Money is distributed equally among the people and no one is richer than the next.

Today there are currently 5 countriens on the earth that are communist those

countries include North Korea,Vietnam,China,Cuba,and Laos.

What is Communism? A thorough explanation.

cutural revolution

Mao Zedong and his wife banned all religious beliefs and thoughts. His

wife controlled the chiniese culture and society. Together they abolished

everything that wasn't communism and put rebellious thoughts in the citizens.

He threatened to kill or punish anyone who disobeyed him.

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the great leap foward

Mao Zedong wanted to make his government powerful, and he believed

that industrializing china was the way to do so. He accomplished this by

taking the farmers off the farm and making them work in factories. By doing

this he left no one to take care of the farms and plant crops, over time

with the lack of food china's population stared to decrease due to famine

many people died of starvation.

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Mao Zedong and the red army were forced out of south korea by

Chiang Kai Shek. During this Mao created the C. with his red army,

and they continued ther 6000 mile march along the path of the

march they gained many followers agreeing to the concept of

communism. When he had gained enough followers he invaded

north korea and turned them communist during this process

93,000 people were killed

mission contain communism

Did the U.S. attempt on containing communism successful? I believe

our attempt to contain communisM was successful beacause in the

current day there are only five communist countris globally and

some of those countries are struggling to change the government

or at least improve it.

the korean war

communist north korea attempted to invade south kore in order

to convert ther government, the us got involved because of the fear

of the dominothoery. the domino theory is a theory stating that

if one countries falls to communism surrounding countries

will also become communist. even with the help of china north korea was unsuccessful in invading south korea

the vietnam war

Vietnam was also divide into two parts the noth communst

aide nd the south non communist side. once again the north

tries to comquer the south and turn it communist and once

again the us got involved.but because of the dvantages of north

Vietnam the us withdrew from the war.the north used stuff as the

hochi minh trail and gruilla tactics to fight the south.they soon won and converted the south side of vieetnam to a communist place