Pronouns help you talk about people concisely.

Demonstrative pronouns

They demonstrate or point out people or things.

Ex 1. I love hunger games books. Last summer I read those.

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Compound personal pronouns

Me myself and I.

What are compound words?

Ex 1. Backpack

Ex 2. Bookworm

You combine a pronoun with self or selves. My + self= myself

Our + selves= ourselves

They are mainly the objective case so they receive the action.

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Is the pronoun or noun that replaces or refers to.

You can use a singular pronoun to refer to a singular antecedent.

Use a plural pronoun to refer to a plural antecedent.

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Possessive pronouns

A pronoun indicating possession.

Examples) mine,yours,theirs,hers

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Objective case pronouns

When a pronoun is the object or case it is in the objective case position.

Ex 1. Sergio nominated me for secretary.

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Subjective case pronouns

Pronouns used as subject?

Ex 1. paul took her out to dinner.

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