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Basics of a diamond

Shopping the perfect gifts for a woman is a difficult task, especially if you are looking for Engagement Rings Chicago. Fortunately, jewelry store Chicago comes with both jewelry and accessories, such as Oris watches Chicago to choose from. With so many jewelry stores, you can find out the right and most reliable jewelry Chicago store online. However, you should have a clear idea about the basics of a diamond before you go for online shopping.

Diamond is distinguished based on 4Cs-cut, clarity, color and carat.


Cut accents the shine of a diamond and it is the first thing we would notice in a diamond. This variable reflects light, and cut comes in different categories – perfect, premium, very good, fair and poor. If you could find the perfect cut, then you can assure the quality of the diamond you choose.


This element describes the inner mistakes of a diamond while creating it. High grade diamond jewelry Chicago is close to flawless. The ratings for a diamond in terms of flaw follows;

  • F – flawless
  • IF – Internally flawless
  • VVS1-VVS2 – somewhat detectable
  • VS1-VS2 – hardly detectable
  • SI1-SI2 – noticed under loupe
  • I1-I2-I3 – noticeable easily

So, keep your diamond close to F to worth your investment.


This attribute describes the clearness of the diamond when we look at it. Colorless diamond displays more sparkle and this is what you want while shopping online. Ratings for color start at D and carries out to X. D, E and F rated diamonds are colorless while H, G and I are nearly colorless. These are the recommended ratings go with.


Carat measures the size of a diamond, for example 1 carat weighs 0.2gms. The carat on a diamond rings depends on the diamond you choose to buy. However, the rule of thumb is the bigger the carat the bigger the cost.

When you look for Tacori rings Chicago to gift your woman while proposing, you should do a thorough research and check out different sites as well. Read the return policies and ensure that they are hassle-free. Apart from diamond rings, you can find impressive accessories, such as Hermes watches Chicago, for your lady love!

Not only you will impress her but also add plus to her style statement! So, look for the most reliable and versatile jewelry store Chicago to find the best diamond ring collection, at the cost you can afford.