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Saturday, March 11, 2017

They've Arrived!

Our Chromebooks have arrived! This is exciting as we will be trying out some new things with google and other websites. Just to clarify, these devices will not come home with kids. Unfortunately, headsets and mice are not part of the deal. Kids will need to bring in an inexpensive pair of earbuds or headphones. Please let me know if this is something that poses a problem for your family.


NYS State Test ~ Yes, it's coming. The test will be administered on March 28, 29, and 30. More details on the test design will be in next week's newsletter. You'll notice that we focused on multiple choice this past week using resources that were released from the 2015 test. The wording and structure of the questions often leaves the kids wondering what's even being asked. We're discussing the test makers techniques and working our way through the tough language. I will continue to weave in review and prep in the coming weeks.

PAWS ~ Task #9 has been returned. PAWS #11 will be assigned on Monday. Please refer to a list of transitional phrases below that should help your child "change things up."

Word Work ~ I decided to modify the routine for the pink group. They will spend two weeks on each list. The first week will be spent defining the words and completing that work. Then we'll meet to review the definitions. The second week will be spent studying the definitions. The assessment will be given at the end of the second week. So, they will have their test this Thursday, March 16th due to the short week. The yellow and blue group had this past week off. They will get a new list on Monday and will test on Thursday as well.

Picture Book Friday ~ Rhyder read to us yesterday! Emmah is on for Thursday!

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We finished Module 5 today with a unit review. Please check this over this weekend as the final assessment will be given on Monday. We are then on to Module 6. Decimal fractions will be our next unit of study. During this unit, the kids will be focusing on tenths, hundredths, decimal comparisons, addition with tenths and hundredths, and money.

You’ll find many corrected exit tickets in your child’s Friday folder. Please encourage your child to make corrections. Those should be done on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the original assignment.

Music Reminders

Kids will need to bring their instruments twice this week! Ensembles will meet on Monday lessons are on Wednesday. Chorus will meet on Thursday.

Spring Ahead

Don't forget to turn those clocks ahead. It's also a great time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and thermostats.

No School on Friday

Friday, March 17th is a Superintendent's Conference Day.