Killuminati, the new world order!

Goodbye Illuminati!

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Intervisted by Jade Shields to the Killuminati's Boss, Tupac Shakur Amaru his wife Janet Jackson.


This is not a fake but a really intervisted. Please don't critic them. Thanks.

Hi, i'm Jade Shields, the new most popular giournalist of all time and this intervist is on the future and isn't a prank. Please read all and then judge.

Tupac, Tupac.. ow you are really alive! We're so happy, all people are happy.. and we know that now you are the new and the second black president of the U.S.A. What do you want to tell about your new world order?

Hi Jade, thank you for the intervisted, the new world order is the PEACE! And we never want the 13th family in this world! We want liberty! And we want to heal the world.

Thank you so much, we know that you have a lot of work and i want to say: Tupac, thanks for all and we hope that you and Janet live a beautiful life with your little child Joe Shakur Amaru! Goodbye and thanks for all.

Bye Jade, thank you too! God bless you!

The intervist is finished.