Smoothie Prep Party

Use this format for a successful Smoothie event

Create a clean, attractive invitation

Using the image below, you can create an attractive invite to message people using WordSwag app.

Once I put the date and time on the picture using WordSwag, I message it out to people via text, FB messenger or DM them through Instagram. I don't add any other details....keep it clean. The rest of the details will be on the FB event page

Once they've said they're interested, THEN I invite them through the FB event page. We do this to keep the event page clean and ready for the information posts that go up the few days before the gathering.

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How to set up the Facebook Event Page

  1. Use the image below as the FB event banner
  2. Set up the date & time of event - you need 1.5 hours
  3. decide on location
  4. Wording to use for event description:

Join us for a smoothie prep party

We will prep a week's worth of healthy & delicious smoothies!

We will chat about healthy living and how you can make some small changes to

have a large impact on your health.

Each person will bring 1 ingredient plus $10

(We will message confirmed guests 2 days before to assign ingredients)

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Decide on which Smoothie Recipes you want to share. Choose your smoothies from here.

I decided to do 2 chocolate based smoothies and 2 vanilla based smoothies to show variety.

I printed off recipe cards for each person. Here is the template I used

Smoothie Recipe Template

Post 1 image each day to create excitement and add value

  1. Posts could be an ingredient you'll use at the event
  2. Posts could engage your guests.....ex: How many have smoothies regularly? OR If you had to choose, would you choose Chocolate or Vanilla?
  3. Posts can be informative and add value

Assign ingredients 2-3 days before event

Once you decide on the recipes you'll be using, Post a master list of what each person will bring and tag them on the FB event page.

Send the list to the host and ensure the host follows up with each confirmed guest.

*tips* I had 12 people at the gathering. Here's what I recommend for portions:

  • you will use a TON of spinach. For 12 guest, I had 4 people bring large tubs of organic spinach.
  • Bananas - 2 people bring large bunch of bananas - keep them in peel and cut into thirds as you use them
  • Frozen fruit - depending on which recipes you use, you'll want 2 people to bring frozen berries and one to bring a different frozen fruit (i used mango in our slimming green)
  • Nut butters - ask 1-2 people to bring Natural PB or almond butter with no sugar
  • hemp or chia seeds - ask 1 person to bring
  • protein - YOU supply the protein for each guest. The $10 will cover 5 smoothie bags
  • extras - you or your host

Reminder Post morning of the event!

See you today at _______! Looking forward to a fun afternoon/evening chatting about healthy living!
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What to serve at the event

Keep it Simple! Remember, we want this to look effortless and duplicatable

  • Fizz - stick the flavors included in the Core Pack & ASVP
  • Arbonne Herbal detox tea
  • Dark chocolate almonds in martini glass
  • Bowl of grapes
  • Homemade Protein Ball Recipe using Arbonne Protein Recipe Here

What to bring to event

  • Re9 set & Nutrition ASVP to display - we want to keep it simple while showing that we are the #1 company to address health living inside & out
  • Client Profile Sheets click here
  • Product Look book catalogues
  • pens
  • 3-4 permanent black markers to mark bags
  • ziploc sandwich bags or stasher bags to be environmentally friendly
  • protein bites or protein chocolate cups
  • fizz & herbal tea to serve
  • host gift
  • calendar
  • opportunity packs (opportunity brochure, Re9 sample, EOA)
  • script

Smoothie Prep Script

I keep things informal, but informative using this concise script