Strategic Leadership Foundations

Summer 2016 Online


I'm excited and thankful you'll be joining us in this exploration of strategic leadership over the next 7 weeks. I really believe that great leadership changes groups, families, workplaces, and the world. How is that for high expectations of our time?

But as we'll discuss in the first week, leadership isn't an honor assigned to a person, it's a role individuals choose. Leadership is something we decide to take upon ourselves because the outcome matters enough to be worth the sacrifice. And to lead well, we must consider how we think about problems and how we see the systems around us.

At its heart, though, great leadership is about taking ideas and bringing them into reality. So I'm excited about our chance, through our assignments and discussions, to apply what we're learning in our local contexts.

As we get started, please work through the Jessup Online Student Orientation if you haven't already participated. Then, head over to the Introductions Forum and share a little about yourself. It's also helpful to download and read over our course syllabus so you can know what to expect and be ready to begin on Day 1. Finally, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if there's any way I can help.

Thanks, and here we go!