Arthropod Dissection Project

By Don Choi


We will achieve a better understanding of an antropod's characteristics and also go more in depth for its respiratory system.

Background Information

Scientific Name- Arthropoda

Habitat- varied worldwide habitats

Ecological Adaptations- 1. an exoskeleton (a skeleton on the outside of the body)

2. Segmented body

3. Segmented legs and appendages

4. Bilateral symmetry


Respiratory System

List of Organs


-Air sacs



How it Works

All arthropods are aerobic organisms, meaning they require an efficient respiratory system. I will be focusing on the respiratory system of an insect, because insects are one of the most common arthropods in the world. Air initially enters the insect through openings in the exoskeleton, called spiracles. Oxygen is then distributed across the body through a complex set of tubes called the tracheal system. Carbon dioxide is also diffused out of the cell and eventually out the body through the tracheal system.


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