House of Representatives

by Amy and Audrey

What is the House Of Representatives

The House Of Representatives is one of the two houses of the Australian Commonwealth Parliament. It consists of 150 people directly elected by the people to represent particular areas of the nation. The number of members can change depending of population changes.

The house represents all Australians.

Who is part of the House of Representatives and What roles are there?

There are currently 150 members in the house, each representing an area of Australia.

The House is made up of Representatives , which include the roles of:

-Government Ministers

-Shadow Ministers

-Prime Minister

-Leader of opposition

-Government Back Benchers

-Opposition Back Benchers

and members who do not belong to the main parties

What do they do?

-Make (agreeable) Laws

any member of parliament can propose a new law, and the rest of the parliament has to agree on them.

-Represents the people

the members can present concerns and issues from citizens to parliament


they must discuss issues regarding citizens