Can You Panda "BEAR" The Loss?


There Isn't Very Many Left/Why They Are Important.

Pandas are endangered and very few are still alive there are about 1,600 giant pandas left in the world and there’s 12 in the America. Giant Pandas were declared endangered in the 1980’s. The amount of Pandas has risen by 17% since they were declared endangered. It is awesome that it has gone up and not down these past years. They are important to the bamboo forests because they help spread bamboo seeds across the bamboo forests.


15-20 years,although the oldest panda living today is 37 years old!!!!!!

Where Does the Giant Panda Live.

The Giant Panda lives in bamboo forests in the Chinese mountains.

Why are they Important.

They are important because they spread bamboo seeds across the china mountains. Without them there might not be any bamboo forests. They also make it so there is not to much bamboo in the forest.

Please Donate.

Please donate to WWF if you care. They help the endangered pandas with all of the money they can earn for a good cause to save the Giant Panda.