The Weghorst Weekly

News and Happenings in Mrs. Weghorst's First Grade Class

Reading Eggs

There will be an official Reading Eggs contest starting today between all of the MVCA 1st Grade Classes!!! We are looking for the class who completes the most Reading Eggs lessons each month. Additionally, all students who are using Reading Eggs for the suggested amount each month, will be invited to a virtual Reading Eggs Party!! I am asking that your student completes at least 10-20 minutes per school day (50-100 minutes a week) on the reading eggs site. I will be looking at progress and keeping track of time spent/lessons completed. You will be notified at the end of the month if you are eligible to attend the party. To get into reading eggs just go to Your login name is your MVCA student ID (found on the OLS of you do not know this) and the password is: MVCA. Please let Mrs. Weghorst know if you have any questions!

Writing Assignment Reminder

Just a reminder that our 2nd writing sample is due this Wednesday by 4pm. We will be meeting on Thursday at 1pm to celebrate and share our writing with one another at a publishing party. If you are okay with me sharing your student's writing, please let me know when you submit it.

I will be kmailing you a copy of the writing rubric I will be using to grade this writing piece.

Science Session

Please join Mrs. Weghorst this Wednesday at 1pm for our first live Science session! We will be meeting at 1pm to learn about animal classification! (See your Class Connect schedule for the link.)

Thanksgiving Break

Just a reminder that there will be no school from Wednesday, November 26th -Friday , November 28th for Thanksgiving Break.

Additionally, Mrs. Weghorst will be out of her office on Tuesday November 25th, and Monday, December 1st. I will be checking kmail throughout the week, please kmail me if you have any questions/concerns.