Croatan Sound

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This estuary is a part of the Outer Banks and seperates Roanoke Island and the towns of Wanchese and Manteo from the mainland in Virginia. More specifically: 3.3 miles from Wanchese, in Dare County, in the state of North Carolina, United States, near Baumtown, NC.

Why Are Estuaries Important?

Estuaries are important becuase they provide a protected environment and abundadnt food sources for fish, shellfish, and thousands of other species. They also provide places for birds to rest while migrating or create a nest. Marine mammals use estuaries as feeding grounds and a safe place to raise their young. They create much more organic material than what could be found elsewhere in the wild and with their wide range of habitats estuaries also come with a greatdiversity of organisms.

On the other hand they benefit other things besides the animals that live in them; oceans. The can filter sediment and pollutants from water before it flows back into the ocean. This means cleaner water for both the people drinking in the water and the organisms living in it.

They also act as a buffer between the ocean and land. In turn this reduces the effects of floods and strom surges.

Estuaries support the economy as well. Recreational activities support towns that rely on tourism for their income and supply jobs.

Life In Croatan Sound


Pine, Cyprus, Tupelo, and Swamp Maple

Black Needlerush







Stone/Blue Crabs


Black Bass

River Herring

And hundreds of species of fish and other organisms....

Threats To Estuaries

Dredging of boat channels- Stirs up sediment and damages oyster beds.

Global Warming- Sea levels are rising causing more erosion of shorelines

Excess Toxins & Nutrients- Kills animals

Bodies of Water That Drain Into/Through

Water from all of these sounds passes through the Croatan Sound on the way to the Pamlico River...

Core Sound

Roanoke Sound

Currituck Sound

Pictures Of Croatan Sound:

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