Lesson 7 VCR

By: Muyan Pan

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from lesson 7.

Michael Phelps's achievement in the Beijing Olympics was ____________ by earning eight gold medals, a feat that has not been done before then.
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Praiseworthy; deserving reward or esteem.

Root of the word

mereo, merere, merui, meritum <L. "to learn," "to deserve," "to merit"

Connection: Merit is a special quality or achievement that deserves praising.


  • admirable
  • commendable
  • worthy
  • deserving
  • exemplary


  • shameful
  • ordinary
  • frequent
  • rough
  • unworthy

Top 10 achievements in American History

10. Creating the internet in the 1960s; this allows people access to information and allows easier communication.

9. Cell Phones in 1973; this made communication easier since you don't have to write letters anymore.

8. Machine Guns in the 1860; this allowed advanced warfare, made the killing of people easier.

7. Panama Canal in 1914; created easier route between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, cut weeks off of the trip time.

6. Submarine in 1900; created advanced marine warfare, also allows the human kind to explore the ecosystem underwater, which contain millions of unknown species.

5. Transocean communication cable in 1858; Communication between Europe and America that took 10 days could now be done in hours.

4. First Nuclear Reactor in 1942; alternative energy source that is very "safe" and relatively clean, replaces the burning of fossil fuels.

3. Model T Ford in 1908; created cars, made traveling easier, without them, you have to walk to school.

2. First Airplane 1903; made traveling across oceans way faster when compared to boats, improved transportation.

1. Neil Armstrong 1969; first man on the moon, won US the Cold War.

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold in used incorrectly.

A.Newtons theory of relatively was meritorious as it opened the door to quantum physics.

B. John was given a medal of honor because during the war, he fought very meritorious.

C. Max ran a meritorious four minute mile which landed him a starting spot on the track team.

D. After failing five tests in a row in Calculus, Alexander scored a 65, which his teacher thought was meritorious.

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Correct Answer

B because meritorious is an adjective but it is used as a adverb in that sentence.