By: Christopher Roth

What is an Underdog

An underdog is a person or thing that has to overcome an adversity that no one thinks they can do. But despite all the dangers and difficult challenges they still succeed at their goals.

An example of this is the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union when the Soviets defeated the team by over a dozen before the game. Some players even thought they didn't want to play and they should just end the season now. But despite all the odds that team wasn't going to go home losers.

This so called "Miracle on Ice" was a stand out for all american sports. Some reasons they won are that everyone knew they were going to lose but they didn't even know they were going to lose and go back home to to show everyone that we are the champions and we defined all the odds.

The underdog story definitely showed the difference between a underdog that was treated badly and overcome that and a underdog story about being defeated and coming back to defeat the enemy.

Link: http://www.rantsports.com/clubhouse/.../15-inspiring-sports-underdog-stories/

Be Proud of Being an Underdog

Some people say being an underdog is the worst feeling in the world because they don't want to have the feeling of knowing your going to lose. But really if you succeed then it all pays off.

Just like the North Jackson High School basketball team when they were going to vs Fort Payne High School. North Jackson knew they were going to lose and their best player even quit before the game. But it turned out to be a back and forth game, until North Jackson had so many fouls they were only down to two players on the court, but despite all the odds they manage to get a shot off and score in the final seconds and win the game. North Jackson had so many tough challenges like they were down to two player! Also their best player quit before the game and they had almost no one on the bench for the game. So people got tired and they didn't want to play anymore. But the effect of all this was they had the confidence to overcome the team and win the game.

Finally the team had no feeling or support on winning the game, everyone thought the game was over before it even started. But even though the team had a lot of negative thoughts they persevered and won the game.

Link: http://listverse.com/2014/12/08/10-awesome-stories-about-incredible-underdogs/

How you overcome being an underdog?

Being an underdog isn't the best feeling in the world, but if you in this position here is what you are going to want to do.

You want to know your weakness and if people notice your weakness, then you want to make the weakness your strength. You want to do this because your enemies can notice it and force you to use it against you.

Next you would want to overcome all your all of the comments your have gone through from other people. You would do this so you have no distraction and no one against you when your overcoming an obstacle or challenge\

Finally, give every thing you got until you feel you have succeed or defeated the "Big Dog". In the end you'll feel anything is possible and you could stand up for yourself. But even if you don't succeed and you gave it your all, if you feel you gave everything and had some fun that's all that should matter

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David vs goliath

David vs Goliath is probably the greatest underdog story ever. It included a scrawny little guy hoping to become king and a massive goliath.

It was when David was thrown into a ring and had to fight to the death. He was standing in front of the beast and without thinking slaying the beast. Plus david was scrawny and not even looking like he would stand a chance against her.

This shows the underdog personality because David was smaller, not as aggressive and goliath was a beast with a killer instinct he had no chance of winning against the beast yet still won.

We can relate to this because we have all stood up against a bully or beat a team that has been undefeated all season. Goliath might've been stronger, meaner, and a killer but david wasn't going to let the beast defeat him, no matter what.


The American Underdog Dream

America all started by being the underdog. In wars we were out numbered by a lot. The american dream is a problem because everyone is an underdog and they all want something but can't get it because they don't try hard enough for their goals.

A possible solution is that if you try hard and always feel you can do it, you will succeed. Another solution is always be aware of what you can and can't do so you improve on what you can't do as a plan B.

Therefore, The American Dream is a underdog story because it's difficult to achieve your dream and the likely hood of you succeeding in life. This is how the American Dream is a big underdog story