Best Female Automatic Sex Machine

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1.Lovense Lush 2

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  • Three power levels and ten vibration patterns are enough even for most passionate users
  • No wires, high power
  • Lush 2 is four times more powerful than most vibrating eggs, panties and other devices

2.Lelo Lyla 2

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  • Eight working modes are available
  • The egg has 2 SenseMotion patterns and 6 Standard patterns
  • The convenient multifunctional button is located on the vibrator

3.Womanizer Classic

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  • You don't have to get used to Womanizer effect
  • Start getting orgasms immediately and let Womanizer be your companion on this way
  • The vibrator is waterproof
We live in an unbelievable time when pleasure that used to be forbidden become accessible.

There’s no sense in trying to follow rules of the Victorian era and restrict yourself.

You’re the master of your body, so why not trying to make your sex different? Sex-machines such as egg massagers will deal with it.

For a reasonable price, you can choose a model most suitable for you and your partner’s needs. We suggest looking at a small review of the best vibrators available in 2019.

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1. Lush 2 Sex Toy

Many people associate vibrator with a stick you need to hold in hands to use.

Of course, such models exist, but erotic high tech goes much further than that. Lush 2 is a toy with a remote control option. You don’t have to hold it always, just put the egg into the vagina, switch it on and give a smartphone to your partner! When he is the master of your lust, it adds a light shade of domination to sex life.

The king of kinky pleasures

In a unique mobile app, there are six working modes for Lush 2:

  • Bluetooth control.
  • Remote control.
  • Stimulation patterns.
  • Music mode.
  • Voice activation.
  • Intensity settings.

The vibrator is suitable for solo use, but using it together with a partner gives much more fun.

Lush Two can make any foreplay brighter. He can start teasing you long before you meet in one bed. Are you sure you won’t moan with this thing inside? I doubt you will.

The stylish and handy form makes use as easy and comfortable as possible:

  • The switch button is located at the end of the vibrator, so you can switch the device on and off without taking it out.
  • Bluetooth element at the end of antenna guarantees stable work and a wide working range.
  • A big electric motor in the other end of vibrator provides you with the most intense vibration among similar models.
  • A battery lives much longer — up to 3 hours of constant work!
  • The vibrator works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms. You need a special Lovense adapter to connect Lush to Windows PC.
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Main pros

  • Well designed to stimulate all erogenous zones, including G-spot.
  • Very well-designed smartphone app makes use more comfortable.
  • Lush 2 has the biggest working range among portable smart devices. If you’re standing, it catches the signal in 30 feet (10 meters). If you’re sitting the range is 9 to 15 feet (3-5 meters), and if you use the Internet, the range is unlimited — transcontinental teasing sounds good, doesn’t it?
  • It doesn’t matter if our partner stands behind or in front of your — Lush 2 will make you moan with excitement anyway.
  • Almost no noise while working. Lush 2 will be your erotic secret in any place and situation. The highest noise level possible is just 45,5 dB.
  • Completely waterproof. Open new horizons of pleasure in your bathroom.
  • The USB charger is available.
  • The best health safe materials. Don’t worry about allergic reaction or itch.
  • 12 months guarantee.


  • Bluetooth connectivity underwater can be less stable.

Many people prefer Lush Two when it comes to buying a new sex toy, let’s consider opinion from just one of them:

I used it the same day after purchase. Well, I’ve never had such stimulation with We-Vibe!

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2. Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibro Egg

Sometimes you need a compact toy. Lyla 2 can fulfill your requirements.

This vibrator is small, but it still provides you with intensive stimulation. Convenient design allows to use the activated vibrator in any place, and special lacing guarantees it won’t fall out. If you’re a fan of playing in public places, Lyla 2 will be the best choice.

Key features

  • Five vibration modes — choose the right intensity or let your partner test your sexual endurance.
  • There’s a stylish package made of good material.
  • The appealing design combined with the widest range of opportunities won’t leave you indifferent.
  • Revolutional SenseMotion technology lets him control you with just one hand. Image what for he can use the other hand.

Millions all around the world approve Lyla 2 performance. Let’s see what makes this vibrator special.


  • Intensity is 50% higher than it was in Lyla 1.
  • Lyla 2 remote control massager is fully rechargeable — don’t worry about buying batteries.
  • The vibrator is 100% waterproof.
  • With the SenseMotion technology, no smartphone is needed. Your lover can change the intensity, just moving his hand. Let him feel like a conductor of your moans.
  • Sateen bag for keeping the vibrator goes together with Lyla 2.
  • Extended guarantee.
  • Great attention to aesthetics. Lyla 2 goes in three colours: pink, black or cherry-blossom.
  • The device weighs only 36 g.
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  • Your partner will probably need some time to get used to SenseMotion technology.
  • Maybe it’s too small for the most passionate lovers.
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3. Womanizer Classic

For sure, Womanizer Classic is an example of an innovational sex-machine.

It uses PleasureAir technology for contactless stimulation of the clitoris and erogenous spots. Unusual construction and air stimulation guarantee that you’ll get the best impressions after using it.

What makes it special?

The creators decided to experiment with your pleasure and invented a new type of massagers. Womanizer Classic deserves the third place in our review.

  • Eight intensity levels make Womanizer suitable both for teasing and intense sex plays.
  • The energy-efficient system can give you up to 4 hours of pleasure.
  • Silent work guarantees nobody will suspect you if you switch it on somewhere in the office.
  • Womanizer has unusual and futuristic design — long and smooth body with a little hole near the end. It looks like a hybrid of a flute and a classic stick vibrator — a very kinky hybrid.
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Why is it so good?

The new technology and creator’s talent made Womanizer Classic extraordinary, but a desirable sex toy.

  • Womanizer gives you fast and intense orgasms.
  • With the magnetic pin USB charger, you don’t have to care about changing batteries. Womanizer gets fully charged in 2 hours, and then it can work for almost 4 hours without pauses!
  • Soft stimulation of your most intimate spots can be done only with PleasureAir technology. This experience is unique, and it’s definitely worth trying.
  • The toy is as powerfull as classic models.


  • If you have embedded or hidden clitoris, it can be harder to stimulate it with Womanizer Classic. Stimulating the G-spot will be trouble too.
  • For some users, stimulation seems excessively intense and even a little bit painful.
  • You always have to keep the device close to the clitoris. Otherwise, the stimulation will stop.
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4. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

This unusually-looking automatic sex-machine is another variant of a remote control vibrator.

Creators claim that their stylish and versatile device can deliver earth-shaking orgasms in any situation. Let’s see what does this device look like.

Main characteristics

The manufacturer did a lot to make the sex machine suitable for all users.

  • It is wireless and rechargeable.
  • The vibrator has two speeds and five modes of vibration — choose the one you want.
  • The material is smooth silicon.
  • Big working distance allows starting foreplay even if you’re sitting in different rooms.
  • Beautiful sateen storage pack goes in the package.
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Why is Fifty Shades of Grey Egg so good?

  • The vibrator doesn’t contain latex and phthalates, so it’s health-safe.
  • Soft and very pleasant material won’t distract you from erotic dreams.
  • The egg is submersible.

Flies in the ointment

Unfortunately, everything is not as brilliant as creators say. Users’ reviews and comments show that some problems exist.

  • This egg is not silent. You probably won’t be able to play in public places, if it’s not so noisy out there.
  • If you’re not looking for an insertable vibrator, this one probably won’t suit you.
  • The model is priced in the high-mid price range.
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5. Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator

Finally, in our review, we’d like to describe a low-cost and pretty simple, but still an excellent model.

Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function vibrator is the best choice for those who want to try vibrating sex toys for the first time.

If you don’t feel like spending 159 bucks on Lyla Two, if you’re pretty sceptic about playing or if you’re simply not sure about your erogenous spots, choose it. Put it in, switch it on and let your partner lead you to the peak of excitement!


Though it’s very cheap, the device is quite multifunctional. You can start by teasing the clitoris and then insert the egg deeper and feel the power of all seven functions.

  • 29 inch (73 sm wire) connects the egg to the controller and gives your partner enough space for versatile playing with you. Solo play is also possible, of course.
  • There’s a good stimulation range guaranteed by three speeds and four stimulation patterns.
  • The sex-machine is appropriate both for external and internal use.
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Maybe Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator is no that multifunctional and modern, but it does its job really well.

  • No latex and phthalates.
  • Very discreet and easy to transport.


It’s a reliable and affordable model, but Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg suffers from a lack of functionality.

  • Not the best functionality. Wires make use of this massager less convenient. You don’t have that much freedom and have to stay in one room during foreplay.
  • Playing in public places is impossible.
  • The egg uses not rechargeable AA batteries, and you have to buy them separately.
  • This vibrator is only splashproof, so you can’t submerge it and relax in a tub.
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Frequently asked questions

I compiled the most popular questions unexperienced people ask when it comes to choosing, buying and using sex-machines.

Basically, using them is not rocket science at all, but there are some pieces of advice that you need to follow.

Should I use lubes with these massagers?

If you put a toy into vagina or anus, lubricants will make it easier. Sometimes creators even advise making it wetter before using. It isn’t necessary for external stimulation.

How should I store my massager when it’s not needed?

You can keep it wherever you want, but this place should be dry to save batteries, and the device must be cleaned before putting it there. The best decision is to take the batteries out, this way they’ll serve longer.

Is it necessary to prepare a vibrator for use somehow?

Sex toys are made of health-safe materials, but you should clean them carefully after and before each use.
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Never use ethanol for that, there’re special cleaning fluids. You can buy them in sex shops. It’s also good to wash devices with mild soap under clean water if they’re waterproof. Make sure batteries are taken out, and the massager is unplugged.

Can anybody occasionally get control over my device? For example, when I’m in a public place

It is highly unlikely. For this to happen, there should be two identical massagers very close to each other.


In this review, we compared the most popular massagers and honestly tried to find out their advantages and disadvantages.

Working modes, size, quality of battery, softness, design, guarantee, water-resistance — all such things really matter when you buy sex toys.