Season Six Auditions

Miss K's Dance Bungalow


Welcome To Miss K's Dance Bungalow! We are excited about your interest in being a Season Six Company Member. This bulletin will render audition information, Season Six Opportunities, and commitment requirements.

Use this bulletin to decide if this is the best fit for your lifestyle. If not, we understand, please register in the " Fall For Dance" Program!

What is a dance company, dance studio, dance program?

A dance company is a group of dancers and associated personnel who work together to perform dances entertainment. There are many different types of dance companies, often working in different styles of dance. Company members are set a part from other dance students with specialty causes and pre-profession/professional opportunities.

A dance studio begins offering classes at age three and go all the way through adult. Children and adults can begin at any time at any age and get to perform at the end of the year in a recital.

A dance program/workshop/camp/intensive is a set time frame to learn and focus on specified dance techniques, with a result such as a showcase, recital, or concert.

A dance team is created to promote school spirit or specialty groups with dance. The team would perform during half time of basketball and football games. Some would also bring their spirit and energy to pep rallies and perform short dances on the sidelines prior to half time.

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Miss K' Dance Bungalow Season Six

Miss K's Dance Bungalow is a performing arts company, with its prominent focus on dance. MKDB trains in acting and vocal as well. Miss K has a different vision each season. Each season includes different opportunities and formats, this trains her returning performers to be versatile; able to adapt to any type of dance programming and structures.

Season Six will have 2 Divisions:

1. Dance Company

2. Dance Programming

MKDB Company

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MKDB Dance Program- Fall

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Many are attracted to the opportunities MKDB Company provides. However, a couple have been shocked at the level of commitment. Company is for dancers and parents who are wanting to be trained for pre-professional opportunities.

MKDB Company:

  • Is A Contracted Position
  • Fresno California is our training city.
  • Trains 2-3 Weekends per month
  • Rehearses long hours
  • Moms are dedicated and make time for their performer.
  • travels out of city/state at least 2 times per semester.
  • commits October 2016-July 2017
  • receives 1-2 weekends off per month.
  • members pay tuition and travel expenses.
  • members fund-raise before the season begins and throughout the season.

MKDB Company Members:

  • are the Face Of MKDB Season Six.
  • are rendered various opportunities such as Harlem Globetrotters, NBA, LA and NYC!
  • are trained in various dance styles, acro, and tumbling.
  • benefit from photo shoots, media appearances, musical productions and more!
  • will dance the mission of MKDB which is to celebrate diversity through dance!

Does this sound like a perfect opportunity for you and your family?


Now that you have read information about dance and Miss K's Dance Bungalow Season Six company, decide if you want to audition!

Yes I Want To Audition! Then continue to read below.

No. We understand, please register for our Fall For Dance Program! Short Term commitment, with amazing training, and your performer will dance in our annual Christmas Concert!

Fall For Dance Registration Is Below!


Class and Observation

All Hopefuls must take and observe a MKDB SEASON FIVE Company class.


  • Each hopeful will take a class with MKDB Season Five.
  • Hopefuls must wear all black dance/workout attire.
  • Ladies hair must in a puff, ponytail, one or two french braids, with no bangs.
  • Parents may wait in waiting room,outside or drop off.
  • This class will introduce the hopeful to Miss K and the MKDB class atmosphere.
  • No experience needed.
  • They will be trained along with the company members in the technique scheduled for the day.


  • During the scheduled class time, the hopeful will sit and observe class.

Class and Observation:

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • $25.00 per hopeful ( $30.00 -2 siblings) ($40.00 - 3+ siblings)

Next Opening: Class Observation:

  • Friday, July 29, 2016
  • 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Next Opening Audition:

  • Saturday, July 30,2016
  • 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Email: to schedule your class and observation.

If you cannot make the next opening, we will email you the upcoming openings.


After class and observation, Miss K will briefly meet with the parent and hopefuls.

The parent and hopeful may decide to audition immediately that day or wait until the next audition opening.

If Auditioning:

  • The audition only takes an additional 30 mintues
  • The parent will receive an email the next day if the hopeful made Season Six Company or If they are requested to FFD program.

If The Hopeful Receives The Congratulations Email:

  • The parent will receive the information to begin preparing for Season Six.
  • Season Six begins October 2016
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