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Growing Together


Multiple researchers have studied and published their findings regarding the benefits of reflective practice but it is still a concept that is foreign to us. We are accustomed to being told how we performed on a task but lack efficiency in self-evaluation. There are a plethora of resources available to help you understand the importance of reflection. I am including a couple to help you and your students with this practice. One is for teachers - 30 Questions for Teacher Reflection and one is for students - 35 Questions for Student Reflection I challenge you to commit to a question a day for yourself and your students. I did and it changed the way I teach and learn.

Differentiation Works!

A recent Edutopia newsletter focused on blog posts from educators who wrote about the value of creating learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of our learners. At Glenhope, we know the value of differentiation, so we have made it a campus goal. In our LEAD 2021 Learning Platform Rubric we see it as a thread that runs throughout. 3 Ways to Plan for Diverse Learners and Enhancing Learning Through Differentiated Technology are just two articles that Edutopia offers on Differentiated Instruction. You can find anything you want to learn on this great site. It offers a wealth of learning and resources on all things education. My goal is to create differentiated learning experiences for you as you create them for your students. Your voice is vital to this exercise, let me know what you need.


Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 3-4pm

6600 Glen Hope Circle North

Colleyville, TX

We are ready to start our Gator Teacher University at Glenhope. We will have multiple offerings this session. Our meeting dates are September 15th and 29th at 3:00 on each day. Below are the learning opportunities for this GTU. I would love to chat with you about any of them.

  • New Hire/Student Teacher GTU; Gatorville, Restorative Practice, SBRC, Google 101 - Bring your Questions with Wynette

  • Technology with Kerissa

  • Book Study - The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor with Jeanette

  • Math Workshop Workshop - Building Accountability and Rigor into MathStations with Lynne and Meagan(15th) & Melanie Gonzales (29th)

  • Building Parallel Curriculum with Becky Manning

  • Writing; Calibrating and Collaborating with Donna and Kim

World's Best Job

I have the world's best job and will stand toe-to-toe with anyone who tries to disagree with me. Some of my '2015-16 Favorites' so far; teachers asking me to schedule them for weekly collaboration meetings, the sense that everyone feels that I belong, new faces, old friends, trust, buckets, new learning and time with you.