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Friday, February 5th, 2016

Valentine's Day? Or Love Day?

What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Do you have high hopes from your significant other? Or are you planning to get together with your girlfriends to celebrate together? Do you plan ahead? Or are you more spontaneous?

During my single life, I always looked forward to having a nice dinner & dessert and watching cute rom-com movie with my mom, sisters or besties. Now it's been fun to see what my boyfriend, Matt, comes up with. I secretly love when he surprises me, even though it's pretty tough not to investigate and find out ahead of time. What are girl's expected to do for Valentine's Day? Do guys even want a present? Or do we just expect them to get something for us girls? Interesting to think about since there is a lot of pressure on guys nowadays. There's so much "hype" about what people do and don't do for YOU. Now this is making me think... why don't we stop thinking about what other people should/shouldn't be doing and focus on GIVING ourselves?! Let's change the mindset of V-day and just work on the word LOVE. Who needs more love?, EVERYONE! Spread the joy and love and change "Valentine's Day" to "LOVE Day". Better yet, "LOVE Month".

Fun February Events:

Feb. 7: The BIG game & National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Feb. 8: Lunar New Year

Feb. 9: National Pizza Day

Feb. 11: National Make a Friend Day

Feb. 13: Galentine's Day

Feb. 15: President's Day

Feb. 16: National do a Grouch a Favor Day

Feb. 17: National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Feb. 20: Love Your Pet Day

Feb. 26: National Tell a Fairytale Day

Feb. 28: The Academy Award's

Feb. 29: Leap Year Day & Due date for my baby niece!

Surprise someone else with a gift to show your love and appreciation having them in your life, Below I have my top 10 gifts you can give to your girlfriend, wife, bestie, mom, sister, cousin, neighbor, co-worker, etc.

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I LOVE RED STAMP. They have some adorable card options to personalize and send via e-mail or send it through the mail. Who doesn't love snail mail!? The best part is they can mail it for you!


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