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Dates are meaningless and I don't know any more

Staff Leaving Frisco ISD

If you are leaving us at the end of the year, we will sure miss you! Click this button for some important information you need to know about what will happen with your accounts. bit.ly/staffleavingfisd

Tech for Graduating Seniors- update on email accounts

THIS is a document that Seniors need to see regarding what will happen to their accounts upon graduation.

***NEW INFO** I just heard that we have changed the date in which seniors lose access to their Google accounts to October of 2020 (this is the first day of school). This will help out all of those seniors who used their Gmail address for the AP scores. We are trying to extend it even further, I’ll get back to you when I know more.

As you communicate with your students, please send them this document as part of that message. I don't want them to lose anything! I emailed it to them last week.

TILT Recordings

If you didn't have a chance to drop in to see the FISD teachers presenting about what has worked well this year (in particular in e-Learning) I highly recommend that you check out some of the recordings. I went to a session about feedback in Canvas and it was great! I also saw some LT folks in there (YAY!)

Most of the sessions have either a recording of the session or a copy of the presentation or both.

You can view all the sessions and the links to the recordings here.

Canvas- Adding and Removing Teachers from the Blueprint

As much as I wish I could do this for all of you guys, I don't think that is going to be possible.

But good news! You can add and remove teachers from your own courses, including your blueprints! (this wasn't possible in Moodle, so if you are remembering that was a thing you aren't crazy!)

In your course:

  • Click on People over on the left.
  • Click the blue +People button.
  • You can add by email address OR login ID (the login ID is just the first part of the email address, without the @friscoisd.org on the end. It's shorter to type so I always use that.)
  • Once you enter that info, it will confirm that who you are adding is really the person you think you are adding
  • The invited person will have to accept the invitation before they are truly in the course.

Video below

Add and Remove Users from Canvas Course

Feedback needed

If you have an opinion on the Canvas landing page, please fill out the survey below to let me know what you think. This is your chance to have some input! If you cannot see the embedded form below, you can click here to access the survey.

Canva for Education- We now have this for FREE!

From Canva- Please go to www.canva.com/edu-signup/ to sign up. The link is only for teacher signups and you will need to verify your FISD email address. Once you've been verified, you may then invite your students to your Canva classroom. Students should be only invited by teachers to their account for COPPA compliance reasons.

I will tell you that I have been a Canva Pro user and was trying to upgrade to Canva Education but was unable to do so, so I did need to contact their help. Just be aware you may need to do that if the link doesn't work for you.