Bye England...Hello Georgia!

Tired of Europe? You've found the right place!

by: Abhishek Mallemadugula

Georgia is your last chance to start fresh

Georgia is the last of the 13 colonies started by James Oglethorpe in 1732. The colony was started to ensure better lives for debtors and to erect a barrier the Carolinas and the Spanish. between the It is located just north of Spanish Florida and south of the Carolinas. This time period helped the settlers because others had already settled northern provinces, therefore help was available if needed. Also the warmer climate allowed better crops and milder weather. The land was arable and allowed for great farming.
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We are the best place to be right now for anyone (except Catholics)!

We used to be a trustee colony, but then we switched over to being a royal colony, so we take orders from the king/queen in England. Freedom of religion is for everyone in Georgia unless you are Catholic. We have many things to sell here in Georgia including rice, indigo, and lumber. At first, it was believed that silk could be produced, but it was later abandoned.

Georgia is....interesting

Georgia started out very different from other colonies. Firstly, it was a colony of debtors in jail. There were no lawyers or alcoholic beverages allowed in the colony. No slavery was a major point of the colony. But later, this prohibition on slavery was revoked because it apparently inhibited in the development of the colony. One of the major events in the colony was the Spanish-English war. Georgia fought bravely but was unable to capture St. Augustine, but did fend them off when they returned 3 years later.


Oglethorpe was critical in the formation of the colony, and was the colony's governor for twelve years. He founded the colony for debtors and for those unsatisfied with their place in the English social ladder. Though the colonials were malcontent most of the time because of the strange laws (no beer), he proved an able leader and retired back to England.
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