Biweekly Newsletter from Stockbridge High

Community Edition, 13 October 2017

Stockbridge Student Laptop Rollout COMING OCTOBER 16 -- THIS MONDAY!!!

Students need to sign up for the HC laptop program “EMPOWER HCS".

Parents: Stockbridge HS MUST receive the signed acknowledgement form electronically or on paper for enrollment and accepting the terms of the program (laptop rollout).

Please click the link below for more detailed instructions.

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In this issue:

  • A Letter from the Principal
  • Events around the Bridge
  • Personalized Learning in SHS
  • Assistant Principals' Corner
  • Student Services

A Letter from the Principal

Thank you for being a part of our SHS Learning Community.

Dear Parents,

We are almost 3 months into the school year and it’s been a great start! The staff is hard at work teaching, assessing, and examining data within teams to ensure student learning. Our students are engaged in learning during the school day and busy with their activities, athletics or interests afterwards. Our parents are hard at work supporting their children while they learn and grow. Given the busy schedules of our entire Stockbridge High School Learning Community, we see our SHS Newsletter as one of the important ways we maintain communication between school and home. It contains a variety of information that will benefit our learning community in multiple ways.

Eric Watson, Ed. S.


Stockbridge High School

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Friday, Oct. 20th, 7:30-9:30pm

795 Hampton Locust Grove Road

Hampton, GA


Be an active member of Tiger Nation! Show your support for our Tigers in their season opener. $5 per ticket at the gate. #HUNTMODE

VENUE: Hampton High in Hampton, GA


Friday, Oct. 27th, 7:30-9:30pm

339 Cumslo Road

Gray, GA


Be an active member of Tiger Nation! Show your support for our Tigers in their season opener. $5 per ticket at the gate. #HUNTMODE

VENUE: Jones County High School in Gray, GA




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Events Around the Bridge

Second half of October

October 13 – October 27

Friday, Oct 13:

4:00-7:00 PTO Lead Tailgate/Block Party – SHS parking lot

Homecoming Game - SHS TIGERS vs Eagle's Landing HS

Monday, Oct 16:

Grade Reports go out

Laptop Rollout – Revised Bell Schedule sent by Wantland, 4:07 PM 10/10

Focus Area Group Meetings after school

Tuesday, Oct 17:

Wednesday, Oct 18:

PD: PBL Training Session #3 – CTAE, Health, Fine Arts and selected teachers only

Thursday, Oct 19:

6:00 9th Gr Football vs. Heritage @ SHS

6:00 JV Football vs. Luella @ Luella

Friday, Oct 20:

7:30 Varsity Football vs. Hampton @ Hampton

Monday, Oct 23:

Focus Area Group Meetings after school

Tuesday, Oct 24:

Wednesday, Oct 25:

2:00 – 5:15 FAFSA Completion Sessions - Rm 319

Thursday, Oct 26:

6:00 9th Gr Football vs. Griffin @ Griffin

6:30 9th Grade Parent Informational Meeting

Friday, Oct 27:

PD: Task #3 Evidence Submitted to portfolio today

7:30 Varsity Football @ Jones County

Personalized Learning in SHS

Increasing Blended Learning

Monday the 16th marks the monumental rollout day for Empower HCS, the student laptop rollout program. This day provides a big step towards increasing blended learning in the classroom, which in turn, leads itself towards increased Personalized Learning as well.

On October 9th, we held a Professional Development Day for all staff in SHS. Stockbridge held an in-school mini-conference wherein the staff members chose which sessions to go to for PD. Some of the teachers have begun implementation of what they learned onto the classroom and are now experiencing an increase in blended learning within the classroom. Classes offered during PD included a Nearpod training, Google Classsroom, Formative vs. Summative Assessments, and Unpacking Student Data.

Tiger Tech of the Month: Canva

Do PowerPoint presentations bore you? Would you like to add more blended learning tools in the classroom?

Here's the gist of Canva:

1. Same as always, create an account.

2. Canva asks for your occupation (to customize your applicable projects).

3. The screen will change into a question of which type of project did you want to complete.

4. Use Canva's 23 second tutorial on creating a project.

5. Have fun creating projects! THAT'S IT!


- Use Canva to create posters, invitations, flyers, presentations, blog graphics, Facebook covers, etc.

- You can also teach your students how to use it to digitally submit work to you! (Yay for paperless submissions!)

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Assistant Principals' Corner

from the Office of Cassandra Jackson

Tentative meeting dates for Book Studies and reading guides

Crucial Conversations (admin)

September 12 - Chapter 3 + 4

October 10 - Chapter 5 + 6

November 14 - Chapter 7 + 8

January 11 - Chapter 9 + 10

Grading Smarter, not Harder (staff)

(two dates for the focus groups)

October 2, 16 - Chapter 2

November 6, 13 - Chapter 3

January 22, 29 - Chapter 4

February 5, 12 - Chapter 5

March 5, 12 - Conclusion

from the Office of Lavonda Clarington


November 1

12th Grade EOC Field Test

November 1st and 2nd

MAP Testing

November 1st and 2nd

Student Services

Stockbridge Study Resources *NEW FILE*

Please click the link below to view our list of resources available for our students! (Includes complete list of Tutoring/Office Hours for core classes)

Counseling Department

Notes from Counseling:
  • Wed, Oct 25th @ 2pm and 4pm we will host FAFSA completion seminars for parents or guardians who would like to complete the financial aid application for their seniors. Appointments are required and can be reserved at
  • Individual Appointments are still being conducted and expected to continue to through December. If an appointment was missed due to absence, hurricane Irma or some other reason, please contact your counselor to reschedule asap.
  • Sign up for REMIND updates from counseling based on graduation year. Sign-up forms are located in the counseling office, in the grade level advisement packets and on the counseling web page.

from C. Melissa Bell, Graduation Coach

  • Credit Recovery currently on 3:30-4:30 Tuesdays + Thursdays
  • Saturday Tutorial Dates: October 14th, 9-11 AM; November 4th, 9-11AM; December 2, 9-11AM

Infinite Campus Access

This year IC password resets will be handled different regarding parents and students.

1. Martey Brown will primarily be handling the parent/guardian accounts.

2. Grace Johnson will primarily be handling the student accounts.

If a parent or student is having trouble logging on to their IC account, please send Ms. Brown or Ms. Johnson an email.

Martey Brown email:

Grace Johnson email:

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Our football team needs sponsorships and volunteers!

For more information, contact Coach Whit at or 404 966 5208.

Thanks for supporting Tiger Football.