Impact Project

Protect the environment for future generations

May 1st 7:30 am-11am

At 7:30 am we all meet up at Riverwalk to participate in a clean up. Gloves and trash bags were provided for those participating. Sara, Kaela, Janak and I made our way into river walk and began The cleanup. The three of us, picked up very gross things such as old hotdog packaging, Starbucks cups, Old clothing, unused bags, and many other things.

Why choose a clean up as my impact project?

Trash is unfortunately left by people in communities worldwide. Trash is dangerous to our safety. Cleaning up trash can help keep wildlife and wild places maintained. Cleaning areas such as Riverwalk benefits plants and animals from the risk trash brings. By cleaning an area, you send the message to others to keep the location clean.

Some of our Volunteers

Helping the environment one step at a time

Riverwalk Park

Park contains a play unit for children, river, and various exercises units