New Zealand Catholic Primary Principals' Association

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Term 2 2022

President's Welcome Message

Kia ora Tātou,

Our Term 2 meeting held in Dunedin 15-17th June 2022 provided us with the opportunity to gather together as an executive. Our first day included the executive meeting, where the resignation of Daniel Pepper Vice President was accepted and Annie Nelson elected as the new Vice President. We sincerely thank Daniel Pepper for his time on the executive in particular his work on sponsorship for the organisation.

We welcome Jane Hahn (ACPPA President) as an Auckland Diocese representative to the executive to replace Daniel.

President: Dr. Sue Jury

Vice: Annie Nelson

Treasurer: Deb Daines

Secretary: Liz Heatley

The following principals are executive members: Michele Mill, Jo McKay, David Macmillan, Anna Wormald, Debra White, Janet Cummings, Jane Hahn and Caroline Gilligan

We connected via zoom with our ACPPA colleagues in Australia to discuss the similarities and differences in each country for Catholic education as well as how we can continue to share and collaborate moving forward.

It was great to have this opportunity to connect again and also share the work we are doing as an executive for Catholic schools in New Zealand.

Ngā mihi nui

Dr Sue Jury


NOTICE FOR Annual Meeting

Notice: 20 June 2022

The Annual Meeting of the NZCPPA will be held on Monday 12th September at 9am at the Catholic Diocesan Offices Christchurch.

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WELCOME to our New Principals


Auckland Diocese: Julie Paul & Liz Hennessy

Hamilton Diocese: Bernie Hall & Maureen Harris (from Auckland Diocese)

Palmerston North Diocese: Betty Brown & Teresa Shanks

Wellington Archdiocese: Pip Cook

Christchurch Diocese: Kelly Eason & Bridget Storey

Dunedin Diocese: Catherine Colvin, Ellen Devaney & Allan Grant


Auckland Diocese: Vimi Chandra & Michael Barlow

Hamilton Diocese: Teresa Rush

Palmerston North Diocese: Rose Kelbrick

Wellington Archdiocese: Peter Hijazeen


Goal: To streamline communication across the Catholic Principal network.

It is extremely important to the NZCPPA exec to ensure you feel part of the New Zealand Aotearoa Catholic family.

Working to update and edit the new NZCPPA website.

NZCPPA Catholic Principals FACEBOOK Page - we now have 90 members which is great. Please engage with this:

NZ CATHOLIC Principals - Closed page - a place to support, share and ask questions to support Catholic principalship.

The executive members responsible for communication are Jo McKay (Dunedin) Jane Hahn (Auckland) Michele Mill (Auckland) Liz Heatley (Wellington)


Goal: To create and develop links of assistance and active unity amongst Catholic principals throughout New Zealand.

Principal wellbeing is very much forefront in our minds. The service that you provide to your communities can be exhausting, and thankless.

We have talked with our ACPPA (Australian Catholic Primary Principals) re the portal that they have developed to support their principals’ wellbeing. We are continuing to work with them to investigate how we can follow their lead in this area to support your own wellbeing in your workplace. We will keep you posted on progress in this area. Watch this space!

We also met with Rosalie Connors from NZCEO and she shared with us the wonderful work she is doing to support first-time principals. We are following up with her to see how we can support in this mission.

Finally a reminder, we met with the National Office of Professional Standards (NOPS). They are a great support for principals: have their call chart handy to support you if you are approached by anyone with a non-recent complaint of abuse. NOPS-Call-Chart-2019.pdf

The executive members responsible for service are Janet Cummings (Christchurch) Deb Daines (Christchurch), Annie Nelson (Dunedin) Caroline Gilligan (Palmerston North)


Goal: To uphold and strengthen the role of principal within the Catholic Schooling Network

At our Meeting we connected with Diocesan Managers/Vicars to discuss challenges and support for Principals and the relationships across the motu. We celebrated good practice in some dioceses and suggested ways in which these good practices could be replicated/ shared across the country.

We have been asked to forward suggestions of how diocesan teams can intentionalise discussion. (Sharing of resources and positive practices across the motu).

We look forward to meeting with diocesan managers and NZCEO next year to continue to see how together we can support and promote Catholic Principalship.

The executive members responsible for advocating on your behalf are Sue Jury (Wellington) Anna Wormald (Palmerston North) David Macmillan ( Hamilton) Debra White (Hamilton)

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