Student Development and Diversity

Erasmus+ KA-1 Course -

Understanding Student Development and Diversity

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Course Description

Student development and student diversity need to be studied and understood simultaneously. While there are general similarities between students, ultimately every student develops in a different way depending on a variety of social, cognitive, cultural and gender-related factors.

This course aims to further your understanding of student development and diversity. The course discusses physical, cognitive, social and moral development of students in detail. Key development theories are examined and practical classroom examples are supplied to engage the learner. Vital information about student diversity is also presented. It zones in on two core elements of student diversity: gender and culture.

This course will be of great interest to professionals in the education sector who would like a greater knowledge and understanding of student development and diversity, and to all students who are interested in development and diversity in education.

Target groups

Teachers (Preschool, primary, Secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals, parents, other interested person

Course Programme:

Module 1: Student Development

Student Development – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Student Development

Developmental Trends

Student Development – Summary

Module 2: Physical Development

Physical Development – Learning Outcomes

Trends in Height and Weight

The Effects of Puberty

Development of Motor Skills

Health and Illness

Physical Development – Summary

Module 3: Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development – Learning Outcomes

Jean Piaget’s Theory

The Sensorimotor Stage

The Preoperational Stage

The Concrete Operational Stage

The Formal Operational Stage

Cognitive Development – Summary

Module 4: Social Development

Social Development – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Social Development

Erik Erikson’s Theory

Abraham Maslow’s Theory

Social Development – Summary

Module 5: Moral Development

Moral Development – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Moral Development

Lawrence Kohlberg’s Theory

Carol Gilligan’s Theory

Character Education

Moral Development – Summary

Module 6: Student Diversity

Student Diversity – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Student Diversity

Individual Learning Styles

Multiple Intelligences

Gifted and Talented Students

Student Diversity – Summary

Module 7: Gender Differences

Gender Differences – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Gender Differences

Physical Differences in Gender Roles

Social, Academic and Cognitive Difference in Gender Roles

Gender Differences – Summary

Module 8: Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences in Language

Cultural Differences in Attitudes and Beliefs

Accommodating Cultural Diversity

Cultural Differences – Summary

Module 9: Student Development and Diversity Assessment


After completing this course the learner will be able to:

Learning outcomes:
- Discuss trends in student development;
- Identify key cognitive, social and moral development theories;
- Provide everyday examples of development related theories in practice;
- Discuss physical, social, academic and cognitive difference in gender roles;
- Identify how cultural differences affect a student’s educational experience;

Financial conditions - Fee

  • The course fee – 600 € for a 7 days course. Amount includes preparation for the course, tuition, training materials, administration costs, organizational costs, half-day excursion and VAT. (Without travel)
  • We can provide you very nice and comfortable hotels. All expenses is covered by EU in Erasmus+ School and Erasmus+ Adult project.
  • We can organise extra cultural activities.

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