What to do in a Interview

By Danny Bolanos

Before the interview

You should research the company and the position that you will be applying for.

You should arrive early to your interview but not to early

Practice what you would say when asked question

Make extra copies of your resume

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During The Interview

When you first meet the person that is interviewing you give them a nice firm handshake.

List all of your strengths

Avoid saying your weakness

Sit up straight

Make eye contact

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How to Dress for the interview

You should dress how you would if you got the job or a step above of what that job would wear.
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Interview Don'ts

Don't Ramble on about your personal life

Don't be on your phone during the interview

Don't look around the room during the interview

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After the Interview

Make sure to give the person interviewing a nice firm Handshake

And be sure to write a thank you note

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5 Common Interview questions and Tips Questions

1.What are your weakness

Avoid saying your weakness

2. Why did you leave your last job

Don't say anything harsh about your previous employee

3. What is the pay you are looking for

Answer this by saying what ever the job position pay is

4. What can you do for us that others can't

Say things that make you diffrent from the rest

5. What are your goals

Answer this by being honest and saying your goals

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