Was an Artist

Where was he born?

  • Was born in 1386
  • In the city of Florence, Italy

Where did he spend most of his life

  • Spent most of his life sculpting in Italy
  • 1403 at the age of 17 he was working for the master on the bronze reliefs of the first doors of Baptistery. He worked there for 4 years.

Education / Training

  • Was trained as a goldsmith in the work shop of Lorenzo Ghiberti
  • had strong taste in classical antiquity
  • Worked in Pisa, and Rome


a descendent of a branch of the Bardi family, he was brought up in the Plebian tradition than his older contemporary Lorenzo Ghiberti

The type of Art they created

  • Saturated with the spirit of Roman antiquity
  • was frequently disturbing
  • Some of his works were -
  • life sized marble David (1408)
  • Marble figure St. Mark (1411-1413)
  • Seated St. John the evangelist
  • St. George carved in marble (1416-1417)
  • Bronze feasts of Herod (1427)

Whatb were his patronS?

  • In 1425 he entered a partnership with Michelozzo
  • Michelozzo was a sculptor and architect

Examples of "isms" linked to Donatello

  • Humanism because he was a person who made statues of nude people and the public did not like it, they thought it was scandilis
  • Skepticism because no one thought he could make sculptures out of anything but marble but he changed that he used marble along with wood and bronze

Specific Piece of Art

Saint Peter

Built from 1415-1425

This can be seen today at the Museo di Orsanmichele

My Own Thoughts

  • In my own words Saint Peter has a beard and is wearing a cloth over his body. He is holding a book in his left hand and a key in his right and has flip flops on also
  • The reason why I find this picture so interesting is because Saint Peter looks like a person that would be important at the time with the key and the book.

Significance of the picture

The reason why this is significant is because he had a strong humanistic expressions of his reliefs and statues, worked in gilt bronze and pigmented wood, and he used the marble relief technique

The "Ism" that represents the picture

Secularism represents this piece of art because religion did not play role in the government, education and public school in how he is holding the book and the key.

Other Sculptors made by Donatello


Creator : Donatello
Title : Saint Peter
Date : 1415 - 1425
Repository : Museo di Orsanmichele
ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_1039931821

Creator : Donatello
Title : High Altar of the Santo; statues of St. Anthony of Padua [left}; Madonna and Child Enthroned [center]; Saint Francis of Assisi [right]
Date : 1446 - 1450
ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_1039931844

Creator : attributed to Donatello
Title : Madonna and Child
Date : 3rd decade of the 15th century
Repository : Museo Bardini
ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_10310474422

Creator : Donatello
Title : Judith and Holofernes
Date : c. 1456 - 1457
Repository : Palazzo vecchio (Florence, Italy)
ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_1039930215

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