Doing Business in China Seminar

Eseune Business School

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China is one the largest and fastest growing market on the planet. In 2015 it will become the world's largest economy overtaking the US. The Chinese market now exceeds 300 million medium-high class consumers (more than the entire US population) and in 2020 it will reach 800 million more than the US and the European Union as a whole. This growth potential it is a huge opportunity for many companies; however, doing business in China is not easy.

This seminar (7th Edition) is designed for experienced people who want to learn to do business in China. A seminar is an opportunity to learn in-situ and discover the key to understand the complexity of business in the Asian giant. Combining classroom sessions, company visits and cultural activities with Chinese and Western experts with extensive experience in the country. It is the best way to approach business, economy, society and economy of China.

In this situation the students of the prestigious Prime University of Bogota (Colombia) had the opportunity to discover Tianjin, Beijing Hong Kong and Guangzhou during two weeks.


During this productive weeks they have attend classes about Marketing, Financial and Supply Chain in Eseune China Business School in Tianjin. They have also visited Tianjin port, one of the most important of the world and St. Regis Hotel, the most emblematic building of the city. As a cultural city, Tianjin has taught them the importance of tea in China in a particular tea party.


Traveling in the high-speed train from Tianjin to Beijing, over 300km per hour, the capital of China was the second visited city. They have the opportunity to learn about buddhism in the Lama Temple, discover ancient history in the Great Wall and the famous Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City


The students also visited Hong Kong Island, and discover how different is from Mainland China. They visit companies like Asian Business learning about Hong Kong company formation and taxes, attend class about creative industries and energy efficiency. They also visited the famous Buddha and


The students visited Canton Fair 2015 (The 117th China Import and Export Fair) that is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou.
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