do you need help?

in career technology

every thursday after school in the library till 4

We will have access to a computer to turn in later and work on coming up assignments.You will have help from me.There will be a break in the middle 5 minutes and snacks will be provided.

computer tutoring

do you need a one on one call me a (439)456-786 to arrange some private sessions or contact me online at or

what to come take a session to learn to run a computer better?

Tuesday, April 15th, 6pm

225 Nichols St

Wellsboro, PA

you will come and have crash courses on power point and Microsoft office,etc.... you will learn some cool website address to help you improve you knowledge on computers.
this prezi i created to help parents better educate kids about internet safety.i also offer an course on internet safety and i us the link below