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Joelle's Monthly Prayer Letter

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មើល! លោកនេះហើយជាកូនចៀមរបស់ព្រះជាម្ចាស់ដែលដកបាបចេញពីមនុស្សលោក ។ John 1:29b

On the streets of Phnom Penh you will awake to many sounds; to the sound of drilling and banging from the nearest construction site, to the sound of women pounding spices in a pestle and mortar and to the squeak of an air horn from those wanting your recyclable rubbish. At 9.30 the monks will arrive and in exchange for just a few thousand Riel the neighbours will have a blessing of good fortune and good health chanted over their business and their household. At 11.30 the women from a brothel just around the corner will be waking after a long nights works. They will huddle round the food carts and hungrily eat a bowl of hot noodles. In just a few hours’ time they will be back at the beauty salon having their hair curled and face painted ready for their next set of customers. By mid afternoon, the fortune tellers will have set up their stalls in the market and the tuk tuk drivers tired of waiting for business will have started gambling away their wages with a game of cards. And so it is, that the days carry on, week after week, month after month. Will the streets of Phnom Penh ever know that God himself came to seek and save them in the person of Jesus Christ? On the streets of Phnom Penh there is no Christmas tree, no mince pies, no scenes of the nativity, no sound of a carol being sung to announce the anniversary of his birth. As a small band of Christians try to make the birth of the worlds savior known in a country that is 94% Buddhist, 5% Muslim and 1% other - Please take a moment to pray that our Christmas programs will reach many Cambodians with the Good News of Jesus this Christmas time.

Sunday 14th December: A Children’s Christmas party at my Church (pm). This party will host many Children from a poor neighbourhood and who come from non-Christian families. Pray that the children would open their hearts to Christ and take Him home with them!

Thursday 18th December: OMF Christmas program (pm). We will perform a shadow play of the nativity that I have written and directed. Pray that OMF families would be touched afresh by the story of Emmanuel as we perform it to them.

Sunday 21st December: Church Christmas Program (pm). The program will include a short drama, a gospel sermon, fun & games and a meal. In the past, invited guests (non-christian friends, family) have made up over 50% of the congregation. Pray the gospel would be faithfully preached on the day.

Wednesday 24th December: OMF members will sing carols and hand out gospel tracts on the streets around our houses. I should think it will be quite a spectacle – pray God uses it!

Sunday 28th December: Christmas program at our church plant in Kompong Cham province. Pray that many of the villagers will come and join us and learn more about who Jesus is.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for praying

Love Joelle