Noteworthy News from the Nest!

All the buzz about what's happening with your eighth-grader!


Advanced Math

Unit: Solving equations.

Students are finishing the chapter this week and will have a test on Thursday. Students can prepare by completing the study guide in the text book.

Math 8

Unit: Solving Multi-Step Equations


Unit: Elements of Fiction. Our focus this week is plot and theme.

Students will be plotting grade-level text elements by reading short stories. We will also be starting a writing unit on investigative journalism.


Unit: Our Solar System. Our focus this week is on tides and inner planets.

Social Studies

Unit: European Exploration and Settlement

Essential Question: How did Europeans explore and settle in the Americas?

This week students will learn how the Spanish borderlands were settled, and how the Spanish influence spread through what is now the American southwest. They will also learn about French exploration and settlement through present-day Canada, along the Mississippi, and down through the Gulf coast.

HW: Students need to complete any unfinished notes and section questions at home. Students should have questions from Chapter 2, sections 2, 3, and 4 completed by this Friday.

Need Extra Help?

The following teachers are available after school for assistance this week:

Mr. Krankowski: Tuesday and Thursday until 4:30pm

Mr. Mudd: Tuesday and Thursday until 4:30pm

Mr. Lorentzen: Every morning from 7:15 am until school starts

Ms. Cathey: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until 4:30pm

Mr. Pearcy: Monday, Thursday, and Friday until 4:30pm

Mrs. McDaniel: Monday until 4:30pm

Ms. Barkho: Every morning from 7:15am until school starts, Monday after school until 4:30pm

-Please be sure to email the teachers if you child is planning to stay. Students not accompanied by a teacher will not be allowed to remain in the school building.

Parent/ Student/ Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 3:30-7pm

403 East 10th Street

Fulton, MO

Come and discuss your student's current progress! Students will lead the meetings and discuss their successes and opportunities for growth. Students who participate with their families can earn lunch outdoors.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Homecoming Parade and Football Game

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 3pm

Court Street

Fulton, MO

Show your Hornet Pride by attending the annual Homecoming Parade! Enjoy floats created by various school clubs and local organizations.

Support the FHS Hornet Football team by attending the Homecoming game at Fulton High School at 7:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: Students will dismiss one hour early on Friday, October 2nd, for the Homecoming Parade.