The Scoop

A Newsletter for the families of Young Scholars- March 2017


Welcome to the second issue of The Scoop for this school year. The Scoop is a newsletter dedicated to the Young Scholars Program of District 196. This publication features stories and information about your Young Scholars in school, after school, and outside of school. This newsletter also includes information that you might find helpful to your family- places to go, books to read, people to know about. We hope you enjoy learning all about this program and some of the opportunities our district can provide to you.

The Young Scholar Specialists of District 196

Day Camp Registration in Full Swing!

Nature's Engineers Day Camp, a week long experience for students in Gifted and Talented Services and Young Scholars, is currently registering students in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is our tenth year of camp and we look forward to another wonderful, enriching experience for our students!!! We will be holding camp at Oak Ridge Elementary in Eagan this summer. Camp is being held June 19-23 from 9:00-3:30 p.m. Students can be bused to camp from their home or in district day care. This year registration is being handled through Community Ed. You can call 651-423-7920 to register or you can register online by accessing the Community Ed website. If you need translation help, please contact someone at your child's school, who will help you with this process. There are limited scholarships available. Please call Community Ed. if you would like to request scholarship assistance. You cannot register online if you are requesting a scholarship. We look forward to seeing all your Young Scholar students this summer.

Engineering Expo at Echo Park

The Echo Park 2nd Annual Engineering Expo was held on Friday, February 24, 2017. The event, open to all 4th and 5th grade students, was a celebration of creativity and innovation. Fifty seven students presented their inventions to the school community. The Engineering Expo provided students with the opportunity to publicly display and discuss their inventions. Students were not formally judged. Inventions remained on display as part of Echo Park's Family Engineering Night, held on the same day. All participants received a certificate and ribbon for their efforts and participation. It was an excellent experience for all.

Woodland Students are ZOOming!

Fourth grade Young Scholars at Woodland participated in a ZOOMS design challenge project sponsored by the Minnesota Zoo. Students were presented with the chance to develop a solution to a real problem faced by zoo keepers and staff at the Minnesota Zoo. They were to design an enrichment that would stimulate one of the three resident brown bears. The students were challenged to use their science and math knowledge, creativity, problem solving, and research skills during the engineering design process in order to best solve the problem and present a solution.
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Anyone up for mini golf? The fourth grade Young Scholars at Shannon Park were! But before they could golf, they had to design the course. With specific dimensions for each of the 18 holes and a specific sized area in which to put the course, they got busy. Graph paper, lots of measuring, some graphing and cutting, and soon.....their courses were ready for display. What a fun puzzle to solve!
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Planning for Spring

The fourth grade Young Scholars at Highland Elementary recently learned about "winter sowing". Winter sowing is an outdoor method of seed germination which requires just two things: miniature greenhouses ( made from recycled plastic gallon jugs) and Mother Nature. The students planted vegetable, herb, and marigold seeds in soil in the plastic jugs. They then placed their mini greenhouses outdoors where they will benefit from the rain and warmth of the sun. Seedlings will begin to grow later this spring and in May, the students will transfer these baby plants to the Highland Community Garden. The vegetables grown in this garden throughout the summer will be given to Community 360 to help provide healthy food to people in our area. Winter sowing was a good way for these students to learn about gardens and helping others at the same time.
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Biz Town at Echo Park

Fifth grade GT/YS students spent a day " walking in their parents' shoes" during their simulation field trip to Junior Achievement Biz Town on Tuesday, March 14th. Students had a chance to work collaboratively to run a company for a day, practice banking skills, and see how exhausting a full day of work can be! Students left this experience stating, " This was the best day ever!"
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Woodland Architects in Training

Fourth grade Young Scholars at Woodland are studying architecture and were challenged to build the strongest tower possible using index cards, tape, and paperclips. After teams collaborated the challenge took place. The winning tower held eleven dictionaries!!!! Great fun and learning.
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More Engineers at the Minnesota Zoo

Twelve third grade students from Parkview also presented their Grizzly Bear projects as part of the Minnesota Zoo's ZOOMS Enrichment Design Challenge. Parkview was excited to have four teams move on display at the Zoo on March 21st. The students worked diligently on their projects for more than three months. Way to go, Parkview!!!

Why is my student in Young Scholars?

Young Scholars is a program that is in every one of the eighteen elementary buildings and six middle school buildings. It seeks to identify and serve potential high ability students who may go unnoticed due to cultural differences, language barriers, and socio-economic factors. The Young Scholars program is one of eight exemplary national programming efforts serving families from a variety of backgrounds. The ultimate goal of Young Scholars is for students to see themselves as ready to experience rigorous coursework in the middle and high school level to prepare them for college. Students are identified each year and are offered programming with the Young Scholars teacher based on their exhibited potential. Young Scholars serves students in Kindergarten through sixth grade. A key part of the Young Scholars program is the week-long day camp that is offered to students completing first through fourth grade. This camp extends the school year for students and exposes them to the science standards they will learn the following school year through hands-on activities and field trips. For more information about the Young Scholars program in your building you can contact your building Young Scholars teacher or Pam McDonald at 651-423-7945.

This publication is written by The Young Scholar Specialists of District 196

Molly Andersen, Westview

Sheila Pagois, Highland

Trisha Miller, Thomas Lake

Maureen Greenberg, Woodland

Karol Hanson, Shannon Park

Becky Hanson, Northview

Kathy Howell, Deerwood

Susan Deming, Parkview

Molly Hammel, Greenleaf

Stephanie Madson, Southview

Jen Maloney, Cedar Park

Kim Webster, Rosemount

Jill Marsh, Pinewood

Traci McCarthy, Red Pine

Ellen Krueger, Glacier Hills

Jody Paulsen, Oak Ridge

Judi Thomas, Diamond Path

Angela Grace, Diamond Path

Beth Wakefield, Echo Park

Michelle Pollei, Falcon Ridge Middle School

Mary Spychalla, Valley Middle School

Theresa Back, Scott Highlands Middle School

Eric Schmidt, Dakota Hills Middle School

Tiffany Kienitz, Rosemount Middle School

David Herem, Black Hawk Middle School

Pam McDonald District Office, district lead teacher