News from Second Grade

Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion 2nd grade with Sra. O-R

Learning plans for the week of May 4, 2015

Dearest families,


This next week, the kids will read El Sr. Putter y Tabby Vuelan el Avión by Cynthia Rylant.


The class is studying measurement and perimeter right now.

The kids are working on different lessons, but they'll all be covering the same material. I will pre-test before the next chapter, which is about capacity and weight. If the kids score well on the pre-test, I will ask them to do the independent practice for the chapter as homework (to make sure that they're familiar with the material) and have them work on the next chapter of which they don't pass the pre-test). I know this is a change, so if you have any questions, please let me know.

I will make a sincere attempt to send home the daily math lessons each day. Please go over the lesson at home to help reinforce the concepts. It should be relatively straight forward (there are usually examples), even if your first language isn't Spanish.


The kids are working on writing letters.

We're also working on our presentation for the Festival Cultural. :)

Homework for the week

HOMEWORK- 20 minutes each night (sometimes life happens!)

  • MAP math or reading practice
  • Reading in English or Spanish
  • Practicing spelling words

English Spelling Words

Caitlin, Raymond, Campbell, Sienna

Sort 12

super, supper, diner, dinner, tiger, happy, later, busy, pretty, paper, penny, even, tiny, over, puppy, rabbit, ruler, kitten, hello, crazy, letter, lesson, summer, open

Erin, Carlos, Sofia, Will, Audrey, Miah, Diego

Sort 24

bride, globe, blouse, grass, block, bridge, blow, groceries, blade, glass, grill, bricks, bread, blanket, grasshopper, glue, blindfold, glove, brush, grapes

Jack, Nora, Darren, Zach, Katie, Isabella, Bennett

Sort 14

box, rode, road, chose, boat, love, goat, soap, knock, slope, foam, load, whole, one, goal, stop, toad, coat, float, drop, stone

Ella, Veszi, Carmen, Emma

Sort 37

screen, strong, spring, strange, spray, strict, stress, scream, scrap, sprout, scrape, string, stripe, struck, spread, scratch, stream, straight, stretch, strength

Spanish Spelling words

Test on Thursday






paraguas (yes, this is a repeat from previous weeks)















Library Days this week!

The kids will have library time with Mr. Glazer on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Our song for Festival Cultural

Below is a video (with the words) of our song that the kids are learning and will be dancing to for the Festival Cultural.

It's got an awesome positive message for the kids.

Jarabe De Palo - Bonito (Letra)


Thanks again to Kelly Bauman and Jim Rowell for working so hard on our class' project for the Fiesta Auction. It looks awesome.

If you haven't yet sent in $3 to help defray the cost of this project, please consider sending it to school with your child.

Contact Sra. Olson-Reiners

If you have information that is ESSENTIAL for me to receive during the day, PLEASE call the front office at 651-768-3801. There are occasions when I do not check my email until after the children have left for the day.