Konrad Zuse

By Chase Seltzner and McCoy Leigh

Who he was

Born in Berlin, Germany June 22, 1910. Died in Hünfeld, Germany in December 18, 1995. Majored in civil engineering. He had no electronic background, but he built the first computer. He worked in his parent's living room.

What he did

Konrad Zuse built the first computer. The computer was the size of a room. It had a capacity of 65 words. He created a book called Calculating Space which was about his journey to create the world's first computer. He also created the first functional program-controlled Turing-complete computer, the Z3. Before that he created the Z1 and Z2, which were both functional computers.

Why he was important

He paved the path and sparked a curiosity behind the modern computers that we type on today. Without him we might not be where we are today with technology