7th Grade Newsletter

February 1, 2016


Happy February! Hoping to see many of you at our parent-teacher night on February 11th from 3-5pm.

Quick Student Update: Taina Lourenco and Ameer Al Jibory have moved from the newcomers’ class to being full-time students in the mainstream classes. Congratulations to both Taina and Ameer! We're so proud of you!

Important Dates:

February 3, 2016 - Early Release

February 5, 2016 - Wear RED in honor of heart disease!!!!

February 10, 2016 - Science Fair held at LHS

February 11, 2016 - Open mic night (5:30 - 7): Ask your kids about this!!!!

February 11, 2016 - Parent-Teach Conferences (3-5pm)

February 11, 2016 - Report cards distributed

February 12, 2016 - Valentine's Dance/Movie Night

About Mrs. Doole

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About Ms. Tapia

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ELA with Ms. Tapia and Mrs. Doole

We've accomplished so much, where to begin?!

The kids have been working so hard in their literature circles these past few weeks. We've touched upon point of view, tone, theme, main idea, among other things. We're wrapping up our work in lit circles and the kids are just about finished their books. We expect to be complete with our books by February break so that when we return we'll be ready to begin our poetry unit.

The kids should have all finished writing their memoirs. We've begun reading some and they're wonderful. We have some true writers this year!

About Mrs. Waugh

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Social Studies with Mrs. Waugh

We recently began our chapter on Greece, and student’s had an opportunity to experience democracy at work via voting for class jobs. Results will be tallied this week. It's been great fun!

We are working on ancient Greece and there has already been a pop quiz on key terms. Please be sure your child is studying Key Terms every night along with completing all other assigned homework.

There will be the assignment for Ancient Civilization International Fair the week we return from February vacation. This is a Crucial project for 7th grade and I cannot stress the importance enough. Be on the look out for project assignments, requirements, deadlines, and fair date the week of 2/26/2016.

About Mrs. Kabriel

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About Mrs. Pappalardo

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Math with Mrs. Pappalardo and Ms. Kabriel

Students are quickly seeing that fluency with integer operations and mathematical order of operations are pre-requisites to grasp the new algebraic mathematical concepts. If your child is struggling, make sure they take advantage of the extra tutoring sessions offered by the math teachers and if possible, have them practice integer operations using online sites like khan academy, puffin academy or any other math game sites that strengthen 6th and 7th grade math skills

The students are doing a fantastic job diving in to the 7th grade Algebra Unit, Expressions and Equations. This unit is a foundation for future work and higher level mathematics. It moves from concrete to more abstract mathematical concepts. Students have been evaluating mathematical expressions using substitution and learning to simplify expressions using mathematical properties and combining like terms.

Students will continue to simplify more complex algebraic expressions by using the distributive property and combining like terms. After understanding the mathematical properties that support algebraic expression simplification, the final stage of this standard will be to identify equivalent expressions at all levels of complexities.

About Mrs. Jordan

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Science with Mrs. Jordan

Important Post-Test on Characteristics and Classification of Living Things (“From Bacteria to Plants” textbook) will be Thursday, February 11th.

Last week we finished our study of the Fungus Kingdom, learning characteristics that all fungi share as well as the roles of fungi on the planet. Students took a Fungus Test on January 25th and the Fungus Test Rewrite is due Thursday, February 4th.

Last week and this week, students are learning about the Plant Kingdom. Specifically, students are studying the main parts of a plant, plant cell structure and function, and the process of photosynthesis. Expect a Plant Test (multiple choice and open response) late in the week of February 1st or early in the week of February 8th.

About Mrs. Clark

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My name is Karen Clark, I have been a Special Education teacher for 13 years ranging from elementary to middle school. I have been at the Butler Middle School for 8 years, the last six have been in seventh grade. I am licensed in both special education and middle school math. I work closely with the seventh and eighth grade math teachers to support all students, and co-teach with both Mrs. Pappalardo and Mrs. Kabriel, and with Mrs. Gurriero, grade 8. I recently came back from maternity leave in the middle of September. I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, Philip Joseph "PJ," with that said, I am only available after school on Monday's and Friday's until 3:45 to support students with their math.

Ms. Segarra, ELA Special Education Teacher

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Mrs. Coffey, ELL Newcomer Teacher

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