Aquatic Accusitions

you will love this open ocean


First,you call 864-979-425 and order tickets to our water show.Then,you might want to buy(purchase)a set of scuba gear.Finally, decide which show 9am-4pm,10am-7pm and you might want to come to our 10-7 showing.

Description/Main Idea

This magnificent ecosystem includes various animals (aka fish or aquatic mammals).These various animals include: Puffer fish,hammerheads, angler fish,whales,dolphins, and squids/octopuses.


Why are predator prey relations good?Well their good because of a balance of nature it keeps most animals alive (ex.a hammerhead shark/a squid,a lantern fish(angler fish)/a fish) a balance of nature also keep balance.Plus if there are too many fish rapidly growing they would eat ALL the coral reef(fish /coral reef).
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producers/consumers (!!!WHAT!!!)

Producers/Consumers are important because of food chains&food webs...The producers(coral reef)are eaten by the consumers(fish)and so forth.Would rather be at the top(shark) or bottom(plankton)I say top because you would be feared like a shark is by a small fish.But if you were a primary(copepods) I don't think you could be feared because producers(phytoplankton) can't run away or speak.
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Fantastic Fun Facts

Did you know in the abyssal zone an angler fish uses a light to attract prey.Also volcanoes & earthquakes can happen in trenches.The pufferfish is the most poisonous fish in the ocean.

Fantastic Fanatic Fish

Sunday, Nov. 30th, 5:45pm to Friday, Dec. 12th, 10pm

81 Groce Rd

Lyman, SC

There will be free flyers and a hotdog and hamburger dinner.We will be open for 14 days and if your the first you get first dibs on the land.

BRING KIDS IF YOU WANT!!! PS:we have carnival games TOO

Concerning FACT

Do you think coral reef is an abiotic factor? Well I used to then I learned that coral reef comes from a dead organism.A fish will eat coral reef,so I guess it is a sorta fish<> fish.

A few abiotic factors include:

  • sand
  • water
  • some sunlight(none in the abyssal zone though)


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