Roanoke Sound

By: Mackenzie Seace

The Roanoke Sound

The Roanoke Sound is located in between the barrier islands and Roanoke Island. The Roanoke sound and estuaries in general help control erosion and reduce flooding of the mainland. That is their importance. There is a variety of plants in the Roanoke sound including cattails, sawgrass, giant cordgrass, and black needlerush. The sound is also home to the blue crab and much bird and animal life. The Roanoke sound is one of the largest bodies of water that grants fisherman access to the Gulf Stream. The Gulf is not the only waterway leading through the Roanoke sound. The Roanoke sound is the most connected bodies of water along Eastern NC sharing imaginary borders Croatan sound, Albemarle sound, Pamlico sound, Atlantic ocean and Oregon inlet. Along with the good things of the sound there is also some bad things or things that will threaten the sound. Some of these threats include global warming, dredging of channels, logging, and excess toxins.

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