February 15 - 19

Next Week at East York....

Monday, February 15th

  • No School - Mid Winter Break

Tuesday, February 16th

  • L-Z Cohort

Wednesday, February 17th

  • Asynchronous Learning Day

Thursday, February 18th

  • A-K Cohort

Friday, February 19th

  • L-Z Cohort


The School Board of Directors approved a switch from the 2-day hybrid model to a 4-day hybrid model for students in grades K-5. The 4-day hybrid model will include four days of in-person instruction and virtual instruction on Wednesday. The 4 day model will begin on March 1, 2021.

If you want to change the mode in which your child attends school, you must complete THIS SURVEY TODAY (2/12/21)! You only need to complete the survey if you are making a change.