English 9 4X4 final exam

Mahala Haver

Journal Reflection

From all the journal topics we did this semester, I believe that "If you had unlimited funds, what would you do this weekend" was the best one. The reason why I think that this journal topic is the best, is because with the topic of endless funding, we got to let our imagination run wild and free. These are mostly the journal topics that I enjoy the most when writing.

Dream Speech Revision

I have a dream that……

In the future, I shall see not just myself that my family accepts or approves, but also my friends. That one day, I can go without hearing the names of people that I care so much about being either judged or talked nasty about by my parents. That one day, my parents could try opening up to them like they are trying to do for me.

In the future, I shall see not just myself but also my friends succeed and reach their dreams in their lives later on. That one day, they could find their true total happiness in something they love instead of something they hate. That one day, they could feel the rush of joy instead of the sorrow from pain.

In the future, I shall not give up my fights anymore by standing my ground and not giving in anymore to the pain. That one day, with the right guidance and loving strength from friends I shall do my best. That one day, I shall be strong enough to conquer my demons and fears that still haunt me from my past.

In the future, I shall hopefully find the one that I can call my forever, my one and only, my true love. That one day, I shall find someone that will come into my life and would leave me so ever breathless. That one day, I shall have someone who would give their entire life to protecting me from those who would cause me harm or worsen my depression and making me happy when I’ve had a horrible day. That one day, I shall give my heart to him knowing he would not do me harm but would love me and never stop till the end of time.

In the future, I shall live out my life the way I have always dreamt it. That one day, I shall conquer my list of dream jobs to have one as the main while the rest can be hobbies. That one day, I shall wake up each morning to the love of my life right by my side knowing he is mine till the day I die. That one day, I shall bring pride and strength into my own been while I leave my love and family in tears when I bring my child into the world. That one day, I shall never stop my hopes and dreams like the love I have for my family and friends who are counting on me.

Studets Choice Short Essay

Do you have what it takes to be a survivor? Some are trained to last a month off of a simple helping of gummy bears, while others wouldnt even make it with out a hair dryer. But truth be told that everyone has a fighter in them and it has to take the right time to bring them out.

Note to Self

Dear me,

I believe i did better this semester then i did last year with my work. Even though I had past out a few times in class, at least I tried getting some or most of my work done. Some of the few things that I enjoyed this semester were the projects or class work that involed art into it or the creative journal topics. While some things during this semester I wish we couldve changed, like the group projects.

Sincerely, Myself