French Culture!!

By Amelia Gabriel

When you are Invited for a French Meal

When you are invited for a french meal you should bring a gift, either candy or flowers. While you are enjoying the meal there are some topics that you should avoid; age; political view; and salary.

French Teenagers Room and Bathrooms

In France, closets are not common so clothes are put in a wardrobe. You will not find a television in their room because most families only have one television. Also phones are very expensive so many french teenagers do not have a phone in their room. On their beds is one huge pillow that covers the width of the bed.

In France, the bathrooms are different. When you go into someones house you will find a bathroom that consists of a sink and a shower. And in a different room will be the toilets.

Complimenting Someone

When someone is complimented the typical response is not merci (thank you).They might say 'tu trouves?' 'c'est vrai?' or 'c'est gentil!' (You think so?, Really? Its great!)

Notre-Dame de Chartres

Is one of the famous Gothic cathedrals in France. It was built in the 13th century where the old cathedral stood since the 6th century. The cathedral is very magnificent and can be seen from a lot of places in Paris.