Texas Windmills of the 1800s

BY: Anna Chapa

What were the windmills about?

During the 1800s the windmills were made to pump water out of the ground. Over the years new inventions were added to the windmills to produce more than just water.

Very First Windmill Caused Slight Problems (Cause)

The very first windmills was made by Dutch and German immigrants for grinding meal and for power. Many Texans were not to happy with this windmill because they needed a windmill that produced water not meal and power.

Daniel Halladay 1854 (Effect)

Daniel Halladay had solved the problem about the Dutch and German windmill. Daniel had built the first windmill that pumps water out of the ground in Ellington, Connecticut. He had added a vane or tail that is functioned to direct the wheel into the wind to pump the water. Daniels invention was a big success.

1870 The Spread of the Windmills

The windmills were being moved all over Texas to be put on farm ranches when the use of barbed wire was being used by ranchers.

1873 Windmills Took Noticed

Daniel's invention took a big notice. Railroad companies saw an opportunity by the windmills to produce water for the steam engines. Farmers and ranchers also took a notice at the windmills to proved a way to give the cattle water and to give water for the crops. The windmills were being put all over Texas as a way to provide water for the state.

Rancher Willa V. Johnson 1886

Johnson was brought windmills on to Matador Land and Cattle Company as a way to provide water for his cattle.

Big Break for Windmills 1900s

2 new windmill inventions were created. These new inventions were made out of steel medal. The first invention was the Driller and the second creation was the Wind miller. These produced electric and gasoline pumps.

1926 Worlds Tallest Windmill

The worlds tallest windmill was built on XIT Ranch. The windmill had blown over in 1926

1926 Windmills Increased Rapidly

Windmills were being put all over the United States. United States manufactures were producing over 99,050 windmills in the U.S.

Sides of the Windmills

Worries of the New Windmills

People worried that the new inventions would be easier to break because of the amount of speed that is being put on the windmill. Many people also worried about the shortages of water.

Love for the Windmills

Farmers and Ranchers loved the new windmills. They said that these new steel windmills will hold up better in more harsher weather verses the wood windmills

Care for the Steel Windmills

These steel windmills had to be greased every so often. Range Riders would get on their horse and head out to the windmills. The Rangers would maintain these windmills by greasing them when they needed to be.

Texas Windmills

Texas windmills have changed significantly over the years. Wood windmills were turned into steel windmills, and later the driller and the wind miller came out. The windmills design has changed, but the history of the windmills of the 1800s has not.

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